• Mandolin Tunes 2 Tunebook by John Goodin

    Mandolin Tunes 2 Tunebook by John Goodin

    John Goodin has announced the availability of his self-published work Mandolin Tunes 2 Tunebook, 21 original mandolin tunes with harmony parts and guitar chords contained within 30 pages of music in standard notation only, with guitar chords for each tune. While you are free to add, change, or subtract chords according to your taste the harmony parts are based on the chords included.

    The contents include all of the music from his 2018 CD of the same name, though the recorded versions of these tunes are not meant to be considered definitive.

    The collection has the added value of a harmony part being written for each tune. Using two mandolins (or other melody instruments) and a guitar (or other chordal instrument) allows three or more players to enjoy the pleasure of group music-making.

    Copies are available in PDF only via PayPal or by contacting the author through his web site.


    • The Cairo Sessions
    • March in January
    • Birthday Girls
    • Chocolate for All
    • Black Stream Crossing
    • Enchanted Forest
    • The Advent Star
    • Walnuts Too
    • Waltz for the New Year
    • Board Eddy
    • Big Tree Down
    • Snow Train
    • No Argument at All
    • Paws Down
    • River Mist Tree Line
    • Elkhart Freight
    • Midsummer Walk
    • Tolley's Jig no. 6
    • Henryville Forestry
    • September Waltz
    • Propsland

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