• A Year with Raffaele Calace by Florian Klaus Rumpf

    A Year with Raffaele Calace by Florian Klaus Rumpf

    HAMBURG, GERMANY — Florian Klaus Rumpf has announced the pending publication of A Year with Raffaele Calace, the contents of which can be acquired during its writing through the popular crowdsourcing site Ko-fi.

    About the new book, Rumpf said, "A Year with Raffaele Calace is a project I have been carrying around for a long time and can now finally put on paper during the pandemic.

    "The book is intended to introduce Etudes by Calace and provide a guide for practicing. There is an etude from Calace's method per month/lesson. This is then viewed and practiced in 4 weeks with exercises from different sides. The first 3 weeks focus on technical aspects and the fourth week on memorizing.

    "In the end, the book should appear in two versions — one in German and one in English. The music will be written down in both classic notation and tablature.

    "The individual lessons are now only available from May 1 for 3€ on Ko-fi. There is only one lesson per month. In order not to miss any, you can support me there monthly and you will certainly get new material to practice every month. When the book is finished, it will be published by my publisher RUMPF. Musikverlag and can be ordered via my web site.

    "But if you have collected at least 8 lessons via Ko-fi at the end, you will receive a printed copy free of charge and free of shipping costs. I want to write this book for and with the Mandolin Community. So tips, requests, suggestions and corrections in language and spelling are always welcome," he added.

    About the Author

    Florian Klaus Rumpf decided to put the mandolin at the center of his life at the age of seven. He has studied under Caterina Lichtenberg, Valerij Kisseljow, and Silke Lisko at the Wuppertal campus of the Academy for Music and Dance in Cologne (Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln).

    Collaborating with Mike Marshall, Avi Avital, and other renowned mandolinists in the Ger Mandolin Orchestra, which he performed with several times in 2011 as part of the Singer's Warsaw Festival, was a highlight of his musical career.

    His solo work has focused on the versatility of the mandolin, from baroque mandolins through to the octave mandolin and liuto cantabile. Florian Klaus Rumpf works with composers, composes pieces himself, does research, and arranges in order to ensure that the literature for this array of instruments is constantly expanding. In 2017, he founded his own music publisher and label.

    His SACD “BACH. Sonatas and Partitas 1” with the first half of the six solos for violin by Johann Sebastian Bach was released by ARS Production in January 2018.

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    1. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
      Mandolin Cafe -
      Just published on Florian's Instagram.

      The third lesson is online since July 1st, and the fourth lesson of "A Year with Raffaele Calace" is slowly taking shape. The German version is already finished and is now waiting impatiently for translation.⁣
    1. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
      Mandolin Cafe -
      Some good news for Florian on his Calace project on his Instagram today:

      Yesterday I cracked my second funding goal with my project “A Year with Raffaele Calace”. The next goal is to finance the suitcase that I load with music stands, CDs, sheet music, instrument stands, etc. at concerts.

      I am very happy about so many people who support my project and me. ��