• Nate Lee To Release Wings of a Jetliner in June

    Nate Lee Releases Wings of a Jetliner

    NASHVILLE, TENN. — International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA) award-winning instrumentalist Nate Lee, a renowned mandolin and violin educator has announced a June 12 release of his new recording Wings of a Jetliner on his own Adverb Records.

    For this project Nate assembled an inspired collection of iconic players, modern masters, and rising stars, including his bandmates from the two-time GRAMMY nominated Becky Buller Band.

    About the album Becky Buller said, "Nate is an incredible musician and human being. This project really shows the world the depth of his abilities, both as a picker and a singer. I'm so honored to be along for the fun!"

    A premier of the first track from the album is scheduled for May on the Mandolin Cafe.

    About the opening track Nate told us, "Wonderbat" is in honor of my beloved Pava Mandolin #194, which I named after Homer Simpson's baseball bat in my favorite Simpson's episode "Homer at the Bat." In the story, Homer has a bat that helps him hit home runs. Spoiler: at the end the bat breaks and it turns out it really was the bat that hit the home runs and Homer was actually terrible at baseball. The episode is a spoof on the baseball movie "The Natural."

    "Wonderbat feels to me like Homer's bat. I can do things with it that are better than when I play other mandolins. This song really shows of the powerful side of Wonderbat, and it's really fun to play!"

    Track Listing

    • Wonderbat
    • Tobacco
    • Quick Select
    • Somewhere Far Away
    • Serenity
    • All Along
    • Comealong Brown Dog
    • Minerís Grave
    • Rook Roller
    • The More I Pour
    • Sweet Allis Chalmers
    • Love Medicine

    The Musicians

    • Nate Lee - mandolin, lead vocals, fiddle, banjos
    • Todd Phillips - bass
    • Wyatt Rice - guitar
    • Bronwyn Keith-Hynes - fiddle
    • Ned Luberecki - banjo
    • Becky Buller - fiddle, harmony vocals
    • Daniel Hardin - bass, harmony vocals
    • Dan Boner - guitar, fiddle, harmony vocals
    • Thomas Cassell - mandolin
    • Daniel Salyer - harmony vocals

    Additional Information

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