• Introducing GreenChip Picks by BlueChip

    GreenChip Picks

    KNOXVILLE, TENN. — Hailed as a major step in the evolution of pick technology by the music industry, BlueChip Picks has announced the introduction of a new line of eco-friendly, environmentally safe GreenChip Picks™.

    Utilizing materials developed by scientists in the Research Triangle of Durham, N.C., GreenChip Picks™ are made of a soy-based polymer that undergoes cryogenic treatment resulting in a surface with properties suitable for the mass production of plectrums.

    Speaking about the new line, company founder Matthew Goins told us, "Blind tests with dozens of musicians confirmed our new GreenChip Picks™ are identical in feel and response to our flagship BlueChip Picks. Because the product is soy based, it took on a green hue we immediately recognized as useful. One of the complaints about our picks is how devastating it is to lose one! Playing music in an area that might have surfaces of dirt and leaves or dormant grasses makes the brown version difficult to locate if dropped. The radiant green color gives musicians an important color choice to consider based on where they are playing."

    GreenChip Picks™ are biodegradable and can be safely composted. Once the pick has come in contact with naturally occurring organic material for more than 72 hours they begin a rapid decomposition and become part of the natural ecosystem.

    Being soy-based, GreenChip Picks™ are safe for consumption and are vegan, lactose-free, gluten-free and come in three vibrant flavors: cucumber, mint and lime daiquiri (non-alcoholic).

    Pricing for the new line of picks will match up with their brown counterpart.

    "We had already embraced the confusion behind a company that made a brown pick with a blue name. Adding another color seemed like a logical next step for us," Goins said.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Mandolin Cafe View Post

      And Wikipedia says there actually is a "Research Triangle" in North Carolina... of course, given the date, I looked up that little detail before even reading the rest of the article, thereby dispelling my initial suspicion that you made that up as some sort of reference to 3-cornered picks. Everything else then became much more believable. Nicely written!

      Quote Originally Posted by Alan Lackey View Post
      Yeah same here...
      For Cinco de Mayo, perhaps a Taco Blue Chip? (Or a blue taco chip). Comes in a big family bag. 35 pesos/bag.
    1. LadysSolo's Avatar
      LadysSolo -
      I really like the green color-perhaps Blue Chip can figure out a way to actually make that color - it WOULD make them easier to find!
    1. CES's Avatar
      CES -
      Now, if only I could find one of those Real Tree Camo carbon fiber mandolins to play them on
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      Quote Originally Posted by CES View Post
      Now, if only I could find one of those Real Tree Camo carbon fiber mandolins to play them on
      We have the case for it, from a 2006 April Fool's spoof. Oddly, lots of things we've done jokes on come true, like Mandolin For Dummies. Others, well, not so much. All stored here for anyone needing to waste more time.

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      Crap I almost ordered a bunch of them Green Chips....until I saw "safe for consumption"....
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      Cheryl Watson -
      Now, this joke has me dreaming of a blueberry scented blue Blue Chip pick.