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    Caleb Edwards: Metamorphosis

    NASHVILLE, TENN. — Caleb Christopher Edwards has announced the release of his first full solo project entitled Metamorphosis.

    About the recording Edwards told us, "Metamorphosis really started composing itself when I was 18. I was going through a lot of big changes, and I just did what I knew best to cope with the change. It wasn't until I met Eric Uplinger on a recording session in Nashville when he suggested I start thinking about a solo project. I was playing in a pretty traditional bluegrass band at that time, and I was venting to him about that not really being an honest depiction of my artistic voice. He suggested I create an outlet for what I believed was my voice.

    "It wasn't long before I realized I had this narrative in songs and poems that had been tossed to the side. I had just met Kori Caswell and Kyle Lee, and we began fleshing out the arrangements for these songs. I began seeing the full picture once the idea for Metamorphosis set in. The whole album is meant to be listened to from front to back, like you would watch a film. The lead character is developing at an extremely rapid rate, and the music around the story kind of reflects that.

    "After production began, the composing of the album officially started between ages 18 and 22: a common 'coming of age' time for most people. Musically, I wanted this to be a love letter to a lot of influences I have on my playing so I composed a few, short preludes and interludes to sort of book end the story. We also saw the story as being the most important aspect of the album, and we (the band, Eric, and I) really took a lot of notes from films and film scores.

    "There's a lot going on, a lot of details, and I'm hoping people can take something new from each listen through. There's a lot of emotional stuff here, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous about letting it go. That's the beauty of being just an instrumentalist, I suppose, you get to hide behind notes and licks. But, that's not my voice. For the first time ever, I'm showing the world my voice, and that's Metamorphosis."


    The track "Curiosity" from Metamorphosis.

    An album release show scheduled for April 4 has been postponed until this summer in Nashville due to the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

    Track Listing

    • Prelude I
    • The Bird
    • Curiosity
    • To Christopher
    • 200 North 11th Street
    • Goodness Gracious Me
    • Black Hole
    • Annabelle Rose
    • I Dub Thee a Plaster Saint
    • Sincerely, Your Past
    • Prelude II
    • Mr. Crockett

    Supporting Musicians

    • Caleb Christopher Edwards - mandolin, guitar, vocals
    • Kori Caswell - double bass, vocals
    • Kyle Lee - banjo, guitar
    • Lauren Saks - violin, vocals
    • Erin Nelson - percussion
    • Anna Edwards - vocals

    Produced by Eric Uplinger and Caleb Christopher Edwards.

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    1. Old Growth's Avatar
      Old Growth -
      Thanks Caleb..musical, nice voice, rhythmic, great arrangement. Well done, it's not easy to come out from behind the curtain, especially vocally. Sweet!
    1. McIrish's Avatar
      McIrish -
      I like it! well done.
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      Mandolin Cafe -
      Just for fun:

    1. Al Trujillo's Avatar
      Al Trujillo -
      Very nice...I enjoyed it!!