• Choro Camp New England Returns June 22-28

    Choro Camp New England Returns June 22-28

    NORTHAMPTON, MASS. — Organizers of the popular Django in June have announced year 2 of Choro Camp New England, to be held June 22–28, 2020 on the campus of Smith College. Registration is now open.

    The lead mandolin instructor this year will be Fábio Peron of São Paulo, Brazil, ably assisted by Grant Ziolkowski, who plays regularly with members of the Regional de New York. You can learn more about them and the rest of the Choro Camp staff on the event's Artists page.

    The camp offers instructional tracks for 6- and 7-string guitar, winds, fretless strings, cavaquinho, accordion and pandeiro in addition to mandolin/bandolim.

    Camp classes and rodas are organized by level of ability, so both experienced chorões and newcomers to the genre can move at an appropriate pace. A typical day will consist of three 90-minute sessions devoted to:

    • Repertoire study, organized by the tune's underlying rhythmic style.
    • Sheet music for the Core Repertoire is available for download below.
    • Facilitated rodas de choro, (choro jams for mixed instrumentation)
    • Special topics (idiomatic improvisation, intros to other Brazilian music, etc.)
    • Unorganized activities will consist of jamming, sharing, and mutual encouragement.

    Housing and food is available on campus. At week's end, enjoy a concert by the artists on staff at Northampton’s exquisite Academy of Music Theater.

    Additional Information

    Fábio Peron, Lead Mandolin/Bandolim Instructor