• New Music from Marla Fibish - The Bright Hollow Fog

    Marla Fibish - The Bright Hollow Fog

    The mandolin has something more to offer to Irish music. That's the belief behind The Bright Hollow Fog, the new recording just released by Marla Fibish.

    Usually seen performing across the USA and Ireland together with guitarist husband Bruce Victor as Noctambule — French for 'night owl' — this time Marla's instrument, and her voice, stand alone.

    About the project, Fibish told us, "I've been playing Irish music on the mandolin for a long time. I feel strongly that the mandolin has something to offer the tradition: its own voice, when given the space to express it. And, of course, that voice cannot be separated from my own voice, expressed through the instrument, and through the music. This project, as it developed, came to be about that expression — allowing myself a quiet space to explore a bit, and simply to play music that I love, as well as to offer up a few tunes of my own.

    "I am eternally grateful for those who joined me in this project, creating beautiful spaces with their music, and with their loving support. I hope you enjoy listening to this album as much as I enjoyed making it."

    On the recording she plays her iconic 1922 Gibson A mandolin and a 1914 Gibson H1 mandola.

    The cover art is "Dawn in Sliabh Luachra” an oil painting by Vincent Crotty, inspired by a photograph by Sheilanne Twohig


    From the recording: "The First Rain (Fibish) / An Chóisir / Tommy Peoples'."

    Track Listing

    • The Humours of Derrycrossane / Maud Millar / Eddie Duffy's Favourite
    • Cá Bhfuil An Solas (Peadar O'Riada) / Winnie Hayes / Càit The Great (Fibish)
    • The Quiet Glen - An Gleann Ciúin (Tommy Peoples)
    • Riversmoke
    • Ard Aoibhinn (Tim Tully) / The Hunter's Purse
    • The High Caul Cap / Ray's Classic / The Continental
    • The First Rain (Fibish) / An Chóisir / Tommy Peoples'
    • Ashes of Paradise (Fibish)
    • Are you Digging on my Grave?
    • An Buachaill Dreóite / Scully Casey's / Jackie Small's
    • The Bright Hollow Fog

    Guest Musicians

    • Martin Hayes - fiddle
    • Keith Murphy - mandola
    • Steve Baughman - gourd banjo
    • Rebecca Richman - fiddle
    • Bruce Victor - guitar

    Additional Information

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      Mike Romkey -
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      I will!
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      Mike Romkey -
      Wondered what Martin Hayes has been up to. Now I know!
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      Jill McAuley -
      Can't wait to hear this, have a copy arriving this week!
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      Quote Originally Posted by Jill McAuley View Post
      Can't wait to hear this, have a copy arriving this week!
      Listening right now. Very tasty.
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      Yes, it is a really good album. Big fan of Marla........so, when's the tour?
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      Just ordered today.
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      Daniel at Mandolins and Beer podcast just announced Marla will be a future guest.