• Tristan Scroggins Launches Subscription Based Educational Site

    Tristan Scroggins

    Nashville, Tenn. — Tristan Scroggins has announced the launch of a subscription based web site on Patreon with exclusive mandolin videos, transcriptions and more.

    Reduced introductory rates are in effect through January 8 and include exclusive content for early registrants.

    About the new project, Scroggins told us, "I wanted to make this affordable with subscriptions to exclusive content starting as low as $3.00 per month and up. Patreon is a community based membership platform that allows fans and creators to engage with each other more directly. People who want to support the videos I post with be able to see exclusive content such as practice tips, lesson videos, access to private playlists, discounts on merchandise and private lessons, and transcriptions of the tunes."

    Registration for the new project is now open.

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    1. darylcrisp's Avatar
      darylcrisp -
      just found this, love your posts, style of music, and videos Tristen.
      thank you for sharing your music. I'm going to check into your patreon.

      best of luck on this
    1. bigskygirl's Avatar
      bigskygirl -
      I’ve learned a few new tunes and breaks to old ones from his YouTube postings, the Scroggs style x-picking is interesting...I've worked out a few tunes and it’s helped me learn the fretboard. I read somewhere he wanted to know 500 tunes...he’s a great mando player and seems like a really nice person. I saw him at wintergrass a few years ago...he’s only getting better and better.