• New Music from Gregg Daigle and Don Grieser - Palatable to a Goat

    Gregg Daigle and Don Grieser - Palatable to a Goat

    Long-time friends Gregg Daigle and Don Grieser announce the release of Palatable to a Goat, a recording of guitar and mandolin instrumentals. The CD features six original tunes and six tunes and melodies they have enjoyed and played together for years.

    Gregg and Don first met at RockyGrass in 2000 and immediately struck up a friendship and musical partnership that lasted through the years. They played in several bands and maintained their friendship as the bands came and went. Since they live over 100 miles apart, they don't get to play as often as they'd like, but each time the music seems to start right back up where it left off.

    Gregg and Don decided to make a recording sitting across from each other in the studio like they would play at the house or at a festival campground. They wanted the recording to capture the conversation between their two instruments in a natural and dynamic way without trying to fix every note and making everything line up to a grid.

    One track is from a live performance/recording they did in the studio with an audience present. The event featured nature video footage projected to accompany each tune they played.

    The recording is available as a download on Bandcamp with a small number of copies available on CD for those who prefer physical media.

    Gregg teaches at Guitar Associates in Albuquerque as well as at the Ghost Ranch Bluegrass Camp and the Pagosa Springs Folk & Bluegrass Festival camp. Don won the video scholarship contest for the 2019 Monroe Mandolin Camp, and did the graphic production/design on transcription books for John Reischman and David Benedict.


    Title track, "Palatable to a Goat," from the recording.

    Track Listing

    • Bigfoot in the Garden
    • Sunshine Reel
    • Elk River Blues
    • Max and Lauri (written and played on a Girouard mandola)
    • Wayfaring Stranger
    • The Big Scioty
    • Red Mesa Waltz
    • St. Anne's Reel
    • Evening Prayer Blues
    • Palatable to a Goat
    • East Virginia Blues
    • Bailey's Lullaby

    Additional Information

    Gregg Daigle and Don Grieser - Palatable to a Goat
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    1. Mark Seale's Avatar
      Mark Seale -
      Great stuff Don!
    1. pheffernan's Avatar
      pheffernan -
      I really enjoyed this collection, Don. I admired the creative takes on familiar tunes, like The Big Scioty, and I would be proud to have written the original ones, particularly Red Mesa Waltz. But my personal favorite was Elk River Blues, whose slower pace really gave your Heiden room to show off its tone. Just don’t let Michael see the back album cover!
    1. Perry's Avatar
      Perry -
      Sounds great Don...Elk River...a great tune!
    1. Don Grieser's Avatar
      Don Grieser -
      Thanks! pheff: That back cover pic was taken about 20 years ago when I was younger and stupider. I found the right mandolin now.

      In case anyone wants to know, the mandolin is my 2010 Heiden A5 #A54 w red spruce top. Strings are Curt Mangan phosphor bronze 11-40 set, and pick is a Blue Chip CT55. The individual mics were ADK but I forget the models. The engineer said they were heavily modified. The overhead mic was an AEA ribbon on some tracks and an ADK figure 8 on other tracks.

      My favorite part of the whole project was getting to play with Gregg again on a regular basis. Such fun. Hope we can do it again.
    1. tuhker's Avatar
      tuhker -
      Soundin great, congrats,
    1. Don Grieser's Avatar
      Don Grieser -
      There is one tune on my bog cedar top Girouard mandola. I wrote the tune right after getting the mandola and named the tune "Max and Lauri" for the builders. They definitely deserve a shout out!
    1. yankees1's Avatar
      yankees1 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Don Grieser View Post
      There is one tune on my bog cedar top Girouard mandola. I wrote the tune right after getting the mandola and named the tune "Max and Lauri" for the builders. They definitely deserve a shout out!
      Love that tune !! Really like the Goat song too ! Did you write the Goat song ? I agree that Girouard mandolins are at the top of the food chain !!
    1. Don Grieser's Avatar
      Don Grieser -
      Thanks. Yes, I wrote the Goat tune.
    1. Old Growth's Avatar
      Old Growth -
      Thanks Don, Gregg..enjoyed the recording a good amount. Thought I heard a little bit of Norman in there, which is always a great aspect! Keep pick'in recording
    1. EvanElk's Avatar
      EvanElk -
      Congrats Don - Just gave the record a listen. Great playing and some wonderful compositions. I love the title track!
    1. dulcillini's Avatar
      dulcillini -
      This is a great CD. I play it all the time.
    1. Don Grieser's Avatar
      Don Grieser -
      Thanks guys. Just got a review from Lou Martin:

      "Traditional instrumental music with powerful clarity, truly fine musicianship, and the direct communication to the listener that can only come through years of friendship and shared artistic values. The opening tune is worth the price of admission by itself, and the rest of the record powerfully shines under repeated listening as well. Gregg and Don trade strongly meaningful and thoughtful breaks on guitar and mandolin/mandola respectively on this excellently recorded album, in my opinion a high watermark of the true vine."

      It's bandcamp Friday today.
    1. pheffernan's Avatar
      pheffernan -
      That Gregg fella really carries the unit.