• Margola: Music for Mandolin and other Chamber Music

    Kanaalstraat, Utrecht, Netherlands — Brilliant Classics has announced a December 19 release for Raffaele La Ragione's new recording Margola: Music for Mandolin and other Chamber Music.

    Composer Franco Margola was a Brescian musician born and bred, growing up within the culture of the city's historic industry of string-instrument making. He composed in all the major classical genres but his music has been little heard outside Italy: a situation which this engaging new collection of his chamber music should remedy.

    In addition to La Ragione on mandolin, he is accompanied on the recording by Giacomo Ferrari on piano, Gabriele Zanetti on guitar, and Daniele Richiedei on violin.

    Track Listing

    • Grande Sonata for Mandolin and Guitar
    • Piccola Suonata for Violin and Piano
    • Allegro for Violin and Guitar
    • Moderato for Mandolin and Piano

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