• New Music from Two Macha

    New Music from Two Macha

    India — The duo Two Macha, a creative collaboration between India's Bluegrass mandolin exponent "Dolinman" (Diptanshu Roy) and singer-songwriter and guitarist Suren Vikhash have announced a September 21 release for their first self-titled EP.

    The duo's web site notes their influence is rooted to India, with a fresh contemporary twist. They believe that music is a powerful medium to bring about a positive change in a society riddled with negativity and their songs dwell into various burning topics ranging from the state of politics to climate change, spirituality and compassion.

    EP Titles

    • Yossane Perussu
    • Just You
    • Man Masth Hua
    • Thanni
    • Kealvi


    From the EP, the track "Man Masth Hua."

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    1. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
      Mandolin Cafe -
      Quick note about this wonderful mandolin and guitar album, features "Dolinman," one of our long-time member! Fine job, guys.
    1. diptanshu's Avatar
      diptanshu -
      Thank you Mandolin Cafe for all the support and love. <3
    1. bud's Avatar
      bud -
      Dolinman is the real deal. A fantastic musician and friend. Best of luck to this new duo.