• D'Addario Announces Launch of D'Addario X Mandolin Strings

    D'Addario X Mandolin Strings

    Farmingdale, NY — First there was XL, then EXP, then NYXL. And now, launching this September is D'Addario X: their most technologically advanced series of strings created for electric, acoustic, classical, bass, mandolin and other folk instruments.

    D'Addario's Research & Development team has been working to combine uncompromising innovations like extended lifespan treatments, NY Steel, and Fusion Twists into one string, putting an end to the tradeoff between corrosion resistant coatings and natural tone and playability.

    D’Addario XT, the first portfolio in the series, combines high carbon steel cores and most popular alloys with an extended lifespan treatment on every string in the set, giving players enhanced break resistance, pitch stability, and long-lasting performance – all while preserving the tone and feel of their favorite uncoated strings. These strings are made to stay, for performance that never fades away.

    CEO Jim D'Addario says: "The XT Series is the first to pioneer an extended lifespan treatment that is both thin and light enough to allow for no perceptible difference in tone and feel between this extended-life string and a player's favorite uncoated D’Addario set."

    "I'm very impressed," says Grammy-winning jazz guitarist Pat Metheny. "I'm usually more focused on the notes rather than the strings. But with XT, there’s an evenness and clarity that really jumps out."

    XT will be widely available this September for Acoustic, Electric, Bass, and Classical Guitar, as well as Mandolin and Banjo.

    As the industry’s leader in innovation, D'Addario engineers are driven to constantly challenge the status quo through continuous experimentation and development of new machinery, materials, and processes.

    The XT portfolio will range in price starting at $9.99 MAP.

    D'Addario X Phosphor Bronze mandolin strings are available in the following gauges:

    • 11 - 40
    • 11.5 - 40
    • 11.5 - 41

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    1. Jeff Hildreth's Avatar
      Jeff Hildreth -
      XT Mandolin Strings are listed by two of my favorite on-line dealers at $12.99. None available locally as yet.

      This seems to be a very good deal given the description.

      Anxious to try them., (as well as the Classical guitar strings where D'Addario have been my default string of many years)
    1. Kevin Briggs's Avatar
      Kevin Briggs -
      Yes, I'll be trying them too. Can't wait!
    1. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
      Mandolin Cafe -
      Had a chat with our contact at D'Addario about a giveaway of some of these with multiple winners. Not firm yet but looks like could happen early October. Just ordered three sets for ourselves from JustStrings.com. Looking forward to trying them out.
    1. Paul Statman's Avatar
      Paul Statman -
      I'll try any new strings from D'Addario. They really know what they're doing.