• New from Fretboard Toolbox: Essential and Complete 2nd Editions

    New from Fretboard Toolbox: Essential and Complete 2nd Editions

    Lawrence, Kans. — Fretboard Toolbox has announced the release of Essential and Complete 2nd Editions. The 2nd Editions feature all new instructions, and a much larger, easier to read font throughout.

    Complete Editions are 40 page black and white books that show the chords and scales that make up all 14 Major, relative minor, and blues keys.

    Essential Editions are 24 page full color books that also show chords and scales, but include colored circles around the chord notes of the six main chords that make up the key of G, A, C, D, and E Major.

    Available in print and E-Book versions for:

    • Guitar
    • Mandolin
    • 4-String Bass
    • Ukulele C-Tuning (soprano, concert, and tenor ukuleles)
    • Baritone Ukulele
    • CGDA Instruments (tenor guitar, tenor banjo, mandola)
    • 5-String Banjo
    • Resonator Guitar (First Edition for Resonator Guitar)
    • Piano

    You can download all of the instructions and the Key of G Major pages for free for any edition by going to the "Pick Your Instrument" link at the Fretboard Toolbox website.

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    1. mugbucket's Avatar
      mugbucket -
      Cool stuff.
    1. DougC's Avatar
      DougC -
      Some of the best, most practical and easily understood 'music theory' available. This sits right next to my Mandolin For Dummies book and Fretboard Toolbox gets used more often.
    1. Gypsy's Avatar
      Gypsy -
      Excellent books, I have the one for guitar, Mandolin and now Mandola.