• Ben Winship Lights It Up with Two New Albums

    Victor, Idaho — Ben Winship has announced the release of two recordings after a considerable haitus since his last solo project. Two brilliant new albums packed with original compositions feature his considerable talents as mandolininst, singer, songwriter and band leader.

    On Acorns, Winship wades deeply into his love of of old time string-band music, while Toolshed delves into everything from blues, funk and Dixie to folk.

    About the project Winship said, "Its been a LONG time since I recorded a solo project of my own. Iíve recorded loads of collaborative projects in the interim, but nothing truly my own. I was guessing that it had been 12 or 15 years, but then I checked, and its been 22 years since One Shoe Left came out!

    "I'd been working on these two projects simultaneously for a while now, and when it became apparent that they were both nearing completion at the same time, I figured why wait? Kind of like bread — I really want you to have it while its fresh!"

    Listen - From Toolshed

    The title track, "Toolshed."

    Listen - From Acorns

    The track "A Little Goes A Long Way."

    Toolshed Track Listing

    • Toolshed
    • That's What Ghosts Are For
    • Ragged But Right
    • Crossing The Great Divide
    • Dumb Luck & Elbow Grease
    • The Buzzard's Dilemma
    • Always The Mountain
    • Tamp 'em Up Solid
    • My Name's Mudd
    • What's The Matter With The Well
    • Which Way To Fly

    Acorns Track Listing

    • A Little Goes A Long Way
    • Shakin Down The Acorns
    • Pilgrim
    • I'll Live On
    • Phoebe's Rest
    • Cherry Tree
    • Katy Bar The Door
    • Turtle Dove
    • Fit To Be Tied
    • New River Train
    • One - Eyed Dolly
    • Lily Green
    • Kennedy Rag
    • Bonus Track Boys Them Buzzards Are Flying

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    1. AlanN's Avatar
      AlanN -
      Yay, Ben! Been way too long since this wonderful work!

      (tried to add the .jpg of One Shoe Left, but no work...), well - I guess it did work!
    1. Mike Romkey's Avatar
      Mike Romkey -
      I’m kicking myself for not knowing about this guy. Gave a listen to “A Little Goes A Long Way” and instantly bought the album. Quote from my duet partner who was sitting in the kitchen, “Wow! Who is that?” Can’t wait to hear the other tracks. Strong playing, strong presence.
    1. sgarrity's Avatar
      sgarrity -
      And don't miss his Growling Old Men duo with guitarist John Lowell. Wonderful singing and playing. They have at least 3 recordings out.
    1. Jeroen's Avatar
      Jeroen -
      Wow, great music.