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    Carlo Aonzo Trio - Mandol Italy

    Savona, Italy — Carlo Aonzo has announced the release of the new Carlo Aonzo Trio recording Mandolitaly.

    On the project the band presents an interesting repertoire of Italian music chosen among the evergreens of the Italian national tradition, arranged with the unique personal 'Carlo Aonzo Trio' style.

    The Trio, featuring Aonzo on Italian mandolin, Lorenzo Piccone on guitar and Luciano Puppo on double bass, made a real trip around the world musical genres last year with the release of their first album, A Mandolin Journey.

    This work celebrates the Mandolin as icon of the Italian culture in the world following its evolution through centuries and continents and was presented during a very intense musical tour through many Italian towns and the United States where it was warmly welcomed by both audience and critics.


    The track "Taranta Steps" ("Tarantella" & "Giant Steps") from Mandolitaly.

    Track Titles

    • Nel Blu Dipinto di Blues
      • Volare
    • Ma Se Ghe Pensu
    • Baci in Quantità
      • Ba Ba Baciami Piccina
      • Un Bacio a Mezzanotte
    • Roma
      • Arrivederci Roma
      • Roma Nun Fa la Stupida Stasera
    • Mazurka Sentimentale
    • Marcia Eroica
    • Voce 'e Notte
    • Taranta Steps
      • Tarantella
      • Giant Steps
    • Da un Balcone Ungherese
    • Pagliaccio
    • Toccata in La Maggiore
    • Nebbi'a la Valle
    • Trinacria Suite
      • Tarantella
      • Vitti na Crozza
      • Ciuri Ciuri
    • Madunina On Broadway
    • Clara's Suite
      • Vulcano
      • Oh, Katia!

    Guest Musicians

    • Claudio Bellato - guitar
    • Tommaso Bellomare - Sicilian Jew’s harp
    • Rudy Cervetto - drums
    • Antonio Marangolo - sax
    • Ismaila Mbaye - african percussions
    • Fabio Rinaudo - bagpipes, flute
    • Daniele Sepe - sax
    • Ike Stubblefield - hammond organ
    • Riccardo Tesi - diatonic accordion
    • Riccardo Zegna - piano

    At the time of the release the Trio has not yet picked up a distributor for the recording, but a copy can be obtained by contacting Carlo directly in which case they can be shipped for $15 plus $3 shipping to the U.S.

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    1. John Goodin's Avatar
      John Goodin -
      "Taranta Steps" is brilliant and totally delightful, what a great concept!
    1. Paul Statman's Avatar
      Paul Statman -
      Quote Originally Posted by John Goodin View Post
      "Taranta Steps" is brilliant and totally delightful, what a great concept!
      I couldn't agree more. Eclectic with nuance. Thanks so much!