• Redtail Reel - Premier from Andrew Hendryx's Deep River

    Redtail Deer - Premier from Andrew Hendryx's Deep River

    Andrew Hendryx's hot new project Deep River drops today and we have a premier cut from the album entitled "Redtail Reel," featuring Michael Cleveland of Flame Keepers on fiddle, Andy Falco of Infamous String Dusters on guitar, Matt Zeiner of The Weight Band on organ, Ryan Montbleau and Dave Butler of Guster on drums.

    About the track, Hendryx told us, "'Redtail Reel' blends the foot stomping pulse of bluegrass with the soulful groove of the classic 1960's and 70's organ trio. The song was inspired by my time on a family farm in Pennsylvania. Id been listening to a lot of Doc Watson, Bill Monroe, Stevie Wonder and classic organ trio recordings. I was particularly moved by the emotional weight surging through their phrasing. I brought the song to Matt Zeiner and loved the fluidity of his organ bass line. The vamp was written with Michael Cleveland's fiery fiddle playing in mind. I'm fortunate that the stars aligned and he had time to lay down that beautiful solo. I couldn't imagine the song without it."

    Album Track Listing

    • Into The Mystic
    • Redtail Reel
    • Virginia
    • They Love Each Other
    • Holster
    • Franklin's Tower
    • Oogaboogaloo
    • True Colors

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    About the Artist

    Andrew Hendryx is a Grammy-balloted acoustic and electric mandolinist. Known for his soaring solos and lyrical accompaniment, Andrew has performed at major music festivals, theatres, and rock clubs throughout the US. His playing has been featured by Rolling Stone, NPR, CMT, PBS, FOX, CNN, Mountain Stage and Daytrotter.com. A sought-after session musician, clinician, and performer Andrew has collaborated with some of the most influential musicians in contemporary music.

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    1. Mando Mort's Avatar
      Mando Mort -
      Nice! Very nice indeed.
    1. darylcrisp's Avatar
      darylcrisp -
      wow, really neat sound and groove on this!
      thanks for sharing
    1. John Soper's Avatar
      John Soper -
    1. johnsoba's Avatar
      johnsoba -
      Great! Would love to know how the mando was amped and mic’d to get that shimmer and sustain.
    1. ahmandolin's Avatar
      ahmandolin -
      Quote Originally Posted by johnsoba View Post
      Great! Would love to know how the mando was amped and mic’d to get that shimmer and sustain.

      Thanks for asking about the rig. I tried to keep the signal chain as clean as possible by not running more pedals then I needed. I ran a different configuration of pedals for each song.

      I ran my Ryder 5 string mandolin stereo through a late 1960's Fender Bassman and a Carr Rambler.

      I plugged both amps into either an Analogman Analog Delay or a Line DL4 whether they were on or not.

      If I used an overdrive it was either an old Menatone Blue Collar, Analogman silver modded tube screamer, or just pushing the amps gain with the volume knob on my mandolin.

      The reverb came from the Carr.


    1. johnsoba's Avatar
      johnsoba -
      Excellent. Thanks so much, Andrew. Wonderful equipment you’ve got!