• Choro Camp New England Features Elisa Meyer and Tim Connell

    Choro Camp New England

    Northampton, Mass. — Organizers of the popular Django in June have announced the inaugural edition of Choro Camp New England, to be held June 24–30, 2019 on the campus of Smith College. Registration is now open.

    Mandolin instructors include Elisa Meyer of the band Choro das 3 and Tim Connell of Rio con Brio.

    The camp offers instructional tracks for 6- and 7-string guitar, winds and fretless strings, cavaquinho, accordion and pandeiro in addition to mandolin/bandolim.

    Musical coordinator of Choro Camp New England is 7-string guitarist Henrique Neto, who performs a similar role at one of the oldest schools of choro in Brazil, the Escola Brasiliera de Choro Raphael Rabello. Henrique is also the co-author, with Dudu Maia, of Choro Handbook.

    Camp classes and rodas are organized by level of ability, so both experienced chorões and newcomers to the genre can move at an appropriate pace. A typical day will consist of three 90-minute sessions devoted to:

    • Repertoire study, organized by the tune's underlying rhythmic style
    • Facilitated rodas de choro, (choro jams for mixed instrumentation)
    • Special topics (idiomatic improvisation, intros to other Brazilian music, etc.)

    Unorganized activities will consist of incessant jamming, sharing, and mutual encouragement.

    Housing and food is available on campus. At week's end, enjoy a concert by the artists on our staff at Northampton’s exquisite Academy of Music Theater.

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    Choro Camp New England
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    1. GreenMTBoy's Avatar
      GreenMTBoy -
      Andrew runs a first class operation ,this is sure to be the same .
    1. Baron Collins-Hill's Avatar
      Baron Collins-Hill -
      Awesome! I attended DIJ once as it was a great experience!
    1. tedfalconmusic's Avatar
      tedfalconmusic -
      Congratulations! I'm glad to hear about this. Great mandolin players to study with.
    1. Andrew Lawrence's Avatar
      Andrew Lawrence -
      Quote Originally Posted by tedfalconmusic View Post
      Congratulations! I'm glad to hear about this. Great mandolin players to study with.
      Thanks, Ted....Coming from you, that means a lot. Thanks for all you've done to spread the gospel of choro in the US. I look forward to meeting at some point.