• Concert Pieces for Mandolin Orchestra

    Concert Pieces for Mandolin OrchestraConcert Pieces for Mandolin Orchestra is the name of a newly released collection that includes four concert pieces for mandolin ensemble composed by Evelyn Tiffany-Castiglioni.

    Selections from the book have been performed by some of the premier mandolin orchestras and ensembles in the U.S. including Marilynn Mair's group Enigmatica, Austin Mandolin Orchestra, Tahlequah Mandophonics, New York Mandolin Orchestra and l'Esperance Mandolin Ensemble.

    Instrumentation is for mandolin 1, mandolin 2, mandola (scores in 8vb treble clef as well as in alto clef), mandocello, guitar, and bass.

    Scores are provided in two formats: with mandola in 8vb treble clef and in alto clef. Standard notation only.

    Paperback, 155 pages. Independently published.


    • Carousel score (mandola treble clef 8vb)
    • Carousel score (mandola alto clef)
    • Carousel mandolin 1
    • Carousel mandolin 2
    • Carousel mandola (treble clef 8vb)
    • Carousel mandola (alto clef)
    • Carousel mandocello
    • Carousel guitar
    • Carousel bass
    • Jamie Suite score (mandola treble clef 8vb)
    • Jamie Suite score (mandola alto clef)
    • Jamie Suite mandolin 1
    • Jamie Suite mandolin 2
    • Jamie Suite mandola (treble clef 8vb)
    • Jamie Suite mandola (alto clef)
    • Jamie Suite mandocello
    • Jamie Suite guitar
    • Jamie Suite bass
    • Mountain Melodies score (mandola treble clef 8vb)
    • Mountain Melodies score (mandola alto clef)
    • Mountain Melodies mandolin 1
    • Mountain Melodies mandolin 2
    • Mountain Melodies mandola (treble clef 8vb)
    • Mountain Melodies mandola (alto clef)
    • Mountain Melodies mandocello
    • Mountain Melodies guitar
    • Mountain Melodies bass
    • Wild Onion Rag score (mandola treble clef 8vb)
    • Wild Onion Rag scote (mandola alto clef)
    • Wild Onion Rag mandolin 1
    • Wild Onion Rag mandolin 2
    • Wild Onion Rag mandola (treble clef 8vb)
    • Wild Onion Rag mandola (alto clef)
    • Wild Onion Rag mandocello
    • Wild Onion Rag guitar
    • Wild Onion Rag bass

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