• Theory and Improvisation for the Modern Mandolinist, Volume 2

    Theory and Improvisation for the Modern Mandolinist, Volume 2

    Fenton, Mo. — Mel Bay Publications has announced the publication for Theory and Improvisation for the Modern Mandolinist, Volume 2 by Tommy Norris.

    Theory and Improvisation for the Modern Mandolinist 2 is the second in a two-book series that teaches improvisation in many musical styles along with theory concepts and how they apply to the mandolin. Volume 1 in the series, well received by the mandolin community and rated as one of the top-selling mandolin titles for the publisher, was released in February.

    Each book provides access to different backing tracks and solo examples to help you learn. Every chapter includes scales presented in a variety of common formats: standard notation, tablature and fretboard charts.

    Volume 2, Jazz and Beyond, will expand your knowledge of theory by teaching you advanced chords, scales, and progressions. Sample solos and progressions are included at the end of each chapter to practice with the recordings. When finished with this book, you should feel confident improvising over any chord progression, and have a great understanding of jazz theory and how it applies to the mandolin. Includes access to online audio.

    Sample solos and progressions are included at the end of each chapter to practice. Whether you play bluegrass, rock, pop or jazz, this book will take your solos to the next level. Includes access to online audio.

    Music is shown in standard notation and tablature. 160 pages, perfect bound.


    • Introduction
    • Chapter 1 - Jazz Chord Progressions
    • Chapter 2 - Extended Chord Tones: 7ths
    • Minor 7th Chords
    • Chapter 3 - Extended Chord Tones: 6ths
    • Minor 6th Chords
    • Chapter 4 - Diminished Chords
    • Half Diminished 7th Chords
    • Fully Diminished 7th Chords
    • Chapter 5 - Augmented Chords
    • Augmented 7th Chords
    • Chapter 6 - Suspended Chords
    • Chapter 7 - The Minor ii - V - i Progression
    • The Harmonic Minor Scale
    • The Melodic Minor Scale
    • Chapter 8 - Practice Progressions
    • Chapter 9 - 9ths, 11ths, and 13ths
    • Minor 13th Chords
    • Chapter 10 - Altering Chord Tones
    • Chapter 11 - Modes of the Major Scale
    • Chapter 12 - Diminished and Whole-Tone Scales
    • Chapter 13 - Modes of the Minor Scale
    • Chapter 14 - Putting It All Together
    • Appendix
    • About the Author

    About the Author

    Tommy Norris is a 2010 graduate of Western Carolina University where he studied the musical styles of classical and jazz, and music theory along with a focus in music technology. Since then, he has employed his mandolin talents as a teacher and composer. As a member and co- founder of The Barefoot Movement, Tommy continually tours nationally, bringing their brand of acoustic music to new ears and audiences. When not on tour, he resides in Nashville, TN spending his time teaching, composing, and recording.

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    1. Christian Flanagan's Avatar
      Christian Flanagan -
      I just got both volumes from MelBay with that nice Black Friday discount. Honestly, I've got a bunch of books and DVDs. I could toss most of them and just keep these two volumes. Mr. Norris does not waste your precious time and gets down to business. Lots of excellent content clearly and concisely presented.
    1. LadysSolo's Avatar
      LadysSolo -
      I have Volume 1, will need to get Volume 2!