• Marshall Mando Summit App - Northfield Mandolin Giveaway

    Marshall Mando Summit AppMarshall, Mich. — Northfield Mandolins and the Marshall Mando Summit is celebrating the release of the Marshall Mando Summit app for Android and Apple iOS with the giveaway of a Northfield Calhoun Mandolin, a $795 value.

    To be eligible for the giveaway, mobile device users simply need to download and install the free app and then register from the top link in the app News section. Not just for just Marshall Mando Summit attendeees, the app is packed with information of interest to all mandolin family enthusiasts!

    Registration is now open and ends midnight December 31 at midnight Eastern Time with a single winning entry selected at random. The giveaway is open to all international locations where the app can be downloaded.

    The Marshall Mandolin Summit will be held August 9-12, 2019 in Marshall, Michigan.

    App Features

    • Video Library - watch performances and instructional videos from Summit instructors
    • News & Events - keep up with the latest news and updates in the mando world
    • Sheet Music - view and print sheet music hand-picked by the instructors.
    • Mando Tuner - quickly check your tuning and train your ear

    Download the App

    Download from the App Store from Apple iOs Get it on Google Play for Android

    Marshall Mando Summit App

    Not just for attendees of the Marshall Mando Summit! Download the Mando Summit app to watch performances and instructional videos, get updates, and explore.

    Marshall Mando Summit App

    The Calhoun Mandolin

    Designed with a nod to the entry level mandolins of the early 20th century and a clear understanding of the limitations often associated with them, the Calhoun is not a mandolin exclusively targeted to be inexpensive. It was created to make Northfield Mandolins more easily accessible to our growing demand among beginners and interested school programs, without sacrificing a whole bunch of things that make mandolins work well.

    The appointments are simple but elegant with nothing hiding. They support the same tuners and tailpiece as found on our S series F models. The bridge is adjustable and there is a two-way truss rod. Plus, a few ways to customize them.

    Additional Information

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    1. Northfield mando's Avatar
      Northfield mando -
      Hi everyone! Thanks for all the interest. We had a small glitch with the giveaway registration form submitting correctly. Please make sure you get a confirmation email after registering. App download works fine and the issue has been resolved. Thanks for your patience - Adrian (Northfield)
    1. Zach Wilson's Avatar
      Zach Wilson -
      Signed up! Email received! Fingers crossed!
    1. peterleyenaar's Avatar
      peterleyenaar -
      Love the app
    1. Northfield mando's Avatar
      Northfield mando -
      Hi everyone. Wanted to post a list of all the countries (app stores) we were able to upload the app to.

      Czech Republic
      United Kingdom
      United States
    1. Valerie Jestice's Avatar
      Valerie Jestice -
      I thought this app is free? I tried to download it and it said I have to purchase.
    1. Bob Visentin's Avatar
      Bob Visentin -
      Quote Originally Posted by Green Arces Music View Post
      I thought this app is free? I tried to download it and it said I have to purchase.
      I downloaded it for free. Some good stuff.
    1. Northfield mando's Avatar
      Northfield mando -
      Hello everyone -Happy new year! Just wanted to share with you that we have contacted the winner of the giveaway and are awaiting their response. We will give the winner 2 days (from yesterday) to respond before randomly selecting another.
      Thanks to all that participated!! We will continue to keep you informed as we add new content and announce new Summit related details throughout the year.
    1. Northfield mando's Avatar
      Northfield mando -
      Hi again. Congratulations to Peter from Sweden, winner of the Calhoun mandolin. It was an amazing contest with entries sent from 20 different countries. The mandolin world is big! Thanks to everyone for your participation and encouragement.
      We have a lot planned with the App, including more contests so please keep enjoying it. More soon. -Adrian
    1. Northfield mando's Avatar
      Northfield mando -
      One last picture of the package shipping to the winner of the Calhoun Giveaway
      Thanks again to everyone for your participation!
      Attachment 173890