• David Benedict Releases The Golden Angle

    David Benedict - The Golden Angle

    Boston — David Benedict has announced the official release of his new solo recording, The Golden Angle, for Friday, October 26.

    Already receiving glowing reviews ahead of its official release, The Golden Angle is poised to be one of the premier mandolin albums of the year and should in the Mandolin Cafe's opinion become a clear candidate for Instrumental Recorded Performance of the Year for the International Bluegrass Music Association.

    About the new recording David told us, "I'm incredibly grateful to have this album featured here on the Mandolin Cafe. This project is in part thanks to the support I've received from the Cafe. Due to overwhelming positive reception of Mandolin Mondays over the past 3 years and the generous video contributions from all of the amazing artists that have been featured on the series, I've been afforded the time, encouragement, and inspiration to work on this record. Now I'm so excited to finally share this music with the community that means so much to me. Hope you enjoy!

    Track Listing

    • Dorrigo
    • High Stepping Jessy
    • Possible Water
    • The Golden Angle
    • Waltz for Griffin
    • 8 Is My Favorite Color
    • Leaf by Niggle
    • Lawnmower
    • Madrona
    • The Red Room
    • Colonna & Smalls


    Live at the Station Inn in Nashville, David performs "Dorrigo" from the album with his band Mile Twelve.


    • David Benedict - Mandolin
    • Missy Raines - Bass
    • Ross Martin - Guitar
    • Stuart Duncan - Fiddle
    • Wes Corbett - Banjo
    • Mike Barnett - Fiddle
    • David Grier - Guitar
    • Produced by Matt Flinner
    • Recorded Dec 11-13, 2017 at Rec Room Studio in Nashville, TN
    • Engineered and mixed by Ben Surratt
    • Mastered by Randy LeRoy at Tonal Park Mastering
    • Cover photo and design by Louise Bichan

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      David has launched a Kickstarter to help fund getting the book into print. You can get a pre-ordered copy and support the effort. All starts right here:

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