• D'Addario and Eastman MD415GD Mandolin and Accessories Giveaway

    D'Addario and Eastman MD415GD Mandolin and Accessories Giveaway

    Farmingdale, N.Y. — D'Addario and Eastman have combined resources and are giving away an Eastman MD415GD Mandolin and select D'Addario accessories.

    The total winning package includes:

    • Eastman MD415GD Mandolin
    • (3) sets Monel Mandolin Strings
    • (3) sets Nickel Bronze Mandolin Strings
    • (3) sets EXP Mandolin Strings
    • (3) sets Phosphor Bronze Mandolin Strings
    • (1) Pack of Acrylux Reso Mando Picks
    • (1) Pack of Acrylux Nitra Mando Picks
    • (1) Mando Strap ub Brown: 75M01
    • (1) Mando Capo
    • (1) NS Micro Headstock tuner

    Of special note, included in the prize is three sets of D’Addario's new Monel Mandolin strings, used most notably by bluegrass and newgrass legend Sam Bush.

    Registration is now open and is hosted on D'Addario's web site. The giveaway is open to US and UK based entrants only!

    Registration ends October 24, 2018 at 11:59PM EST. Those registering should read and observe D'Addario's registration guidelines prior to entering.

    Enter to Win!

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    1. David Lewis's Avatar
      David Lewis -
      Only US and UK? Rats...
    1. Sayer's Avatar
      Sayer -
      Have they picked a winner yet?
    1. Ken W's Avatar
      Ken W -
      What happened to the Eastman Daddario contest?
    1. ManjoMan's Avatar
      ManjoMan -
      Did anyone from the Cafe' win this package? I couldn't find anything on Eastman's site about the contest, either.
    1. Zmongi1's Avatar
      Zmongi1 -
      Hi - I'm Zach from D'Addario. We selected a winner late last week.

      Thank you for entering!