• Online Carnatic Mandolin & Guitar Academy Set to Launch

    Carnatic Mandolin & Guitar Academy

    India — The Carnatic String Conservatory is proud to offer the first ever on-demand digital Carnatic mandolin and guitar learning academy in the world with a global launch scheduled for October 21.

    Focusing on the fundamentals of South Indian Carnatic music, the academy offers an extensive curriculum that students can study at their own pace through an interactive online learning portal.

    Academy founder Mandolin Prakash told us, "The academy launches next week with a Global Launch Webinar on October 21 in which we have students from all over the world participating. Registration for the LAUNCH PASS is open now on our website."

    The Academy offers a 20-day system trial. Students can sign up further for annual / semi annual / quarterly memberships for the same price of $50 U.S. per month from November 1 onwards (Terms & Conditions apply). Further details of the course and memberships will be revealed at the launch webinar on October 21.

    In addition to the educational offerings of the Academy, founder Mandolin Prakash is also announcing the availability of the MP3 Model, a new line of 5-string electric mandolins built specifically for this style of music.

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    New MP3 Model 5-String Electric Mandolin

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    1. Barry Canada's Avatar
      Barry Canada -
      $50.00 US per month! Hmmmmmm! I’ve been to India twice. The cost of living proportional to Canada makes the tuition course relatively quite “OUT” there! (Magnified by our seriously reduced Canadian dollar value as compared to the US dollar.) Maybe the creator of for this course believes this price is warranted for this new never seen online course.
      Is this price correct?
      Over the years I’ve gladly enjoyed subscriptions to online courses by Mike Marshall, Caterina Lichtenberg, Don Stiernberg and Matt Flinner so I feel I do have some experiential knowledge permitting me to bring up this point.
      I feel these teachers and their courses have developed excellent reputations over the years and are cost efficient.
      I hope your Carnatic courses will be spectacular and warrant your asking price. I realize and honour and highly respect how much time goes into developing these courses.
      In the meantime I suggest you research the present value of already existing reputable online courses if you already haven’t.

      Barry Canada
      But I do love classical Indian music!
    1. Prakash Hariharan's Avatar
      Prakash Hariharan -
      Hi Barry. Thanks for the interest in the article firstly. I do understand your concern on the pricing from a comparison point of view with other online courses.
      Please be informed that this is the first and probably only Carnatic learning course out there which is online and on-demand. I am also proud to say that our lessons have been structured and designed very carefully to cater to all age groups and to musicians of all learning levels.
      That said, this pricing is not only for the recorded lessons but also includes periodic global webinars for all signed up students where they get to interact with me on a live lesson to clarify their questions etc. We also have a very unique system of 3-way learning for each excersise that provides ample scope to learn every aspect of the lesson in detail.
      I hope this explains the reasoning behind our price. And if you are interested, we would love for you to try out the launch pass since it gives 20-day access to our portal of lessons and the global launch webinar on 21st October.

      Mandolin Prakash
    1. Prakash Hariharan's Avatar
      Prakash Hariharan -
      An advertorial about the launch of CARNATIC STRING CONSERVATORY published in The HINDU Metroplus (Chennai Edition) today.