• New Music from Rudi Ekstein - Carolina Chimes

    Rudi Ekstein - Carolina Chimes

    Asheville, N.C. — Veteran bluegrass mandolinist Rudi Ekstein has announced the release of his new solo recording, Carolina Chimes - Rudi Ekstein's All Original Bluegrass Instrumental Showcase, on the Foxfire Recording label.

    With Carolina Chimes, a collection of a dozen hot bluegrass instrumentals, Ekstein has put together an upbeat collection of bluegrass barn burners performed with an all-star cast of supporting musicians. The result is a fast-paced recording that will remind you of the power of bluegrass music.

    About his new recording Ekstein said, "The most obvious parts of everyone's life have been depicted in a bluegrass song. The bluegrass tunes I've written for my records over the past 30 or so years are mostly named after people, events, or something important that happened in my life. That's just part of my love for bluegrass."


    From the recording, the track Cornerstone.

    Track Listing

    • Cornerstone
    • Indian Rain
    • All Night in Kentucky
    • Hoot Owl Hop
    • Jessyís Fancy
    • Spikebuck
    • Flapjack
    • Bacon in the Pan
    • Rockalachia
    • Carolina Chimes
    • Dixie Sunset
    • Back Drag

    Supporting Musicians

    • Stuart Duncan - Fiddle (all tracks)
    • Jeff Autry - Guitar (all tracks)
    • Mark Schatz - Upright Bass (all tracks except 9)
    • Rob Parks - Upright Bass (9)
    • John Plotnik - Banjo (1,2,3,7,10,12), Dobro (4,5,6,8)
    • Patrick Sauber - Banjo (4,5,6,8)
    • Seth Rhinehart - Banjo (9,11)
    • Rudi Ekstein - Mandolin (all tracks)

    About Rudi Ekstein

    Rudi Ekstein has owned and operated the commercial recording studio Foxfire Recording since 1990, and since then has played for, or produced and/or engineered numerous albums for CMH, Rounder, Sugar Hill Records, as well as artists like Tony Rice, Larry Rice, Chris Hillman, Josh Graves, David Grisman, Richard Greene, Bill Keith, David Grier, Herb Pedersen, Bill Bryson, and other notables. His array of recording and live performance credits include many internationally known bluegrass musicians like fiddle players Byron Berline and Gabe Witcher; banjo hotshots John Hickman, Dennis Caplinger, and Craig Smith; gifted Dobro player, Rob Ickes, The Nashville Bluegrass Bandís GRAMMY award winning bass player, Gene Libbea; an original Bluegrass Cardinal bass player Bill Bryson; as well as three members of the Country Boys (later the Kentucky Colonels), bass man Eric White, banjo player, Billy Ray Lathum, and Dobro player, Leroy Mack among many others.

    Additional Information

    Rudy Ekstein
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    1. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
      Mandolin Cafe -
      This is some serious, hard core bluegrass played with a lot of fire. Hope everyone at least listens to the streaming track in the news release. Good stuff!
    1. Paul Statman's Avatar
      Paul Statman -
      Great, driving power and wonderful phrasing as always, Rudi. A winner for sure!
      *You are missed at the Grand View Jam..
    1. AlanN's Avatar
      AlanN -
    1. Timbofood's Avatar
      Timbofood -
      Yep, that works for me!
    1. FOXFIRE's Avatar
      FOXFIRE -
      Carolina Chimes - The New Bluegrass Instrumental Album Reviewed:
      "One of the strongest bluegrass sets of the year," a "dynamic album of modern bluegrass well-rooted in traditions perfected over the course of seventy years," and "An absolute stunner of a bluegrass album."
      Read the Complete Review Here: https://fervorcoulee.wordpress.com/2...owcase-review/
      Listen Now: http://carolinachimes.com
      Rudi Ekstein plays a vintage Gibson Lloyd Loar F5 on this album.