• New Music from Thomas Cassell - Voyager

    Thomas Cassell - Voyager

    Thomas Cassell has announced the release of his newest solo project, Voyager, original compositions for string band featuring his brilliant mandolin playing along with a host of equally talented musicians.

    About the new release Cassell told us, "This album was a whole lot of fun to make. We recorded all of it in 3 days right before Christmas 2017, with the exception of some edits and the duo tune, track #4. I hope that all will enjoy!"

    Supporting Musicians

    • Thomas Cassell - mandolin
    • Matthew Davis - banjo
    • Avery Merritt - fiddle
    • Vince Ilagan - bass
    • Sam Leslie - guitar

    Special Guests

    • Adam Steffey - voice, mandolin (5)
    • Wyatt Rice - guitar (9)
    • Julian Pinneli - fiddle (10)


    From the recording, the track Fireside.

    Track Listing

    • E.T.A. (The Great Expansion)
    • Fisherman's Friend
    • Monsanto 3039
    • The Seventh Day
    • Fireside
    • Blacksmith's Quarters
    • Tijuana Ice Cream Truck
    • Out of the Woods
    • Mar West
    • Truth or Consequences
    • Disentanglement from Above

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