• New Music from Andrew Marlin - Buried In a Cape

    Andrew Marlin - Buried In a Cap

    Andrew Marlin of the band Mandolin Orange has announced the release of his mandolin instrumental album entitled Buried In a Cape, a collection of original compositions.

    Includes supporting work by Eli West (guitar, banjo), Christian Sedelmyer (fiddle), and Clint Mullican (bass).

    Well known for his lyric compositions with the band Mandolin Orange, Buried In a Cape is clear evidence of Marlin's considerable skill as composer of traditional sounding instrumentals in the old-time and bluegrass vein.

    Track Listing

    • Buried In a Cape
    • Wooden Spoon Over By the Sink
    • Cody Road
    • Far Hills
    • Chasing My Tail
    • Poppyseed
    • Arthela's Waltz
    • Redwood
    • Under the Mulberry Tree
    • Trips Around the Sun
    • Mousetrap in the Oven
    • Toucan Play That Game
    • Life Without Coffee
    • Bats in the Belfry

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    1. Tommcgtx's Avatar
      Tommcgtx -
      What a great album! Under The Mulberry Tree is my favorite track.