• V-Picks Gift Case and Pick Giveaway


    Nashville, Tenn. — V-Picks and the Mandolin Cafe are set to hold a Giveaway of V-Picks Premium Gift Cases with 12 Picks each for Mandolin Players, a $69.95 value.

    Registration will commence 8:00 a.m. Central, September 18 from a link on the Mandolin Cafe.

    Five winning entries will be chosen at random September 25 at 8:00 a.m. Central.

    The V-Picks Premium Gift Case is a beautiful velvet and leatherette custom crafted case with chrome latch and includes 12 V-Picks carefully designed and chosen with mandolin players in mind. The perfect accessory for musicians! Great for your practice room or displayed on your desk. Very handy for gigs.

    V-Pick products included in the set:

    • 1 Medium Round Lite
    • 1 Large Round Lite
    • 1 Medium Round Ultra Lite
    • 1 Medium Pointed Lite
    • 1 Large Pointed Lite
    • 1 Medium Round
    • 1 Large Round
    • 1 Medium Pointed
    • 1 Large Pointed
    • 1 Freakishly Large Round Lite
    • 1 Freakishly Large Pointed Lite
    • 1 Freakishly Large Pointed

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    1. Timbofood's Avatar
      Timbofood -
      I won the previous V-Pick contest so, I will let someone else win this one. I’ve really liked the “Jalapeño” the most, still have most of one left! Not playing as much as I used to but, that one just feels really good to me. Just an observation.
      Good luck!
    1. David Lewis's Avatar
      David Lewis -
      V picks are brilliant. I met vinnie at his facility last year and it is a cherished memory of my trip to the US. I’ll enter but I won’t win (as usual )
    1. BillyEllison's Avatar
      BillyEllison -
      I am very excited! I have not had the opportunity to try these picks but look forward to maybe getting the chance. I love that MandolinCafe teams up with companies to do things like this. What a great idea.
    1. BillyEllison's Avatar
      BillyEllison -
      Who won?
    1. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
      Mandolin Cafe -
      Rodney F., David, G, Laura, L., John T., Thomas B. - all have replied.
    1. BillyEllison's Avatar
      BillyEllison -
      Congratulations everyone! I think now that I know I didn't win, I am going to buy this set. Thanks for putting on this giveaway Mandolin Cafe. I didn't even know about V picks until now. Marketing and Advertising really works.