• Don Julin Announces the Launch of Tremolo Online

    Don Julin Announces the Launch of Tremolo Online

    Traverse City, MI — Don Julin has announced the launch of Tremolo Online, an educational web site for mandolin players providing a la carte access to many of the great mandolin lessons and courses available at Mandolins Heal The World.

    About the new site Julin told us, "We had so many requests for individual lessons that it became clear we needed to build another site with the purpose of providing more focused, individual access. Subscriptions work great for Mandolins Heal The World, but some wanted access to only certain songs and exercises. This web site is a solution tailored for those needs."

    Each set of lessons includes videos, PDFs, and practice tracks. Lessons are streamable and downloadable for an unlimited amount of time. If you purchase a set of lessons, you own it.

    Lessons are accessed on Tremolo Online (https://tremolo.online/) with your password, or download the lesson packet and have it on your own drive. Plans include new lessons added often.

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