• Classical Mandolin For Non-Classical Players: A Practical Approach

    Classical Mandolin: For Non-Classical Players: A Practical Approach

    Milwaukee, Wisc. — Centerstream Publishers has announced a September 17 publication date for Classical Mandolin For Non-Classical Players: A Practical Approach, by Joseph Weidlich, now available for pre-order through amazon.com.

    American mandolin music published in 1900 during the "Golden Age of the Mandolin" in the United States (1885-1920) is the focus of the book

    After a brief overview of period mandolin techniques, a variety of popular social ballroom dances are presented in standard notation and tablature, including waltzes, polkas, schottisches, mazurkas, marches and an occasional hornpipe.


    • Table of Contents
    • Introduction & Historical Background
    • Classic Mandolin Techniques
    • Selected Repertoire
      • Mandolin Instrumental in C Major
      • Mandolin Instrumental in C Major
      • Waltz
      • Schottische
      • Polka
      • Rosalie Waltz
      • Song of the Nightingale
      • Alice, Where Art Thou?
      • Souvenir Schottische
      • Ideal Mazurka
      • The College Hornpipe
      • Fisherís Hornpipe
      • The Pickaninnyís Dream
      • The Little Soubrette: a Schottische
      • Forget Me Not Gavotte
      • The Electric Hornpipe
      • Hornpipe Polka
      • Excelsior Schottische
      • Clio Polka
      • Merry Maidens (March)
      • Contra Dance
      • El Trompetero (Mexican Dance)
      • Estelle Mazurka
      • The Flower Song
      • Mandolin Instrumental in D Major
      • Laredo March
    • Appendix 1: A Tale of Two Arrangements
    • Appendix 2: List of Mandolin Methods: 1884-1920
    • Appendix 3: More Branzoli Lessons
    • Afterword

    Additional Information

    Classical Mandolin: For Non-Classical Players: A Practical Approach
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    1. Jeff Hildreth's Avatar
      Jeff Hildreth -
      Is it spiral bound ?
    1. greenwdse's Avatar
      greenwdse -
      And does it include any downloadable tracks? Is it in TAB?
    1. Paul Statman's Avatar
      Paul Statman -
      Do you get wafers with it?
    1. Jeff Hildreth's Avatar
      Jeff Hildreth -
      I have an opinion based on the (lack) of responses from the OP and from Center Stream.
      They are not interested in the responses, they are interested in promotion.
      And because publishing and printing a book that is all but useless because it cannot be opened and used without destroying it,, and instead of providing a useful learning material in an easy to use format and queries that are directed at same, they don't give a damn.
      Facts are facts.

      Charge a couple extra bucks (to enhance your profitability) and provide something of value in my not so humble opinion
      ( btw I Pioneered that phrase over 30 years ago).

      With the utmost respect to the compromised author,

    1. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
      Mandolin Cafe -
      Quote Originally Posted by greenwdse View Post
      And does it include any downloadable tracks? Is it in TAB?
      The article as published stated tablature and notation included. Had there been online tracks we would have noted that and it would have likely indicated the same on the front or back cover. A news release typically doesn't include a litany of what something is not. Fair question, and I don't have a problem with that bit.

      However, to address other comments...

      Centerstream is a one-man publishing shop, not a corporate conglomerate staffed with writers of press releases, photographers, designers and marketing/PR people poised on the Mandolin Cafe forum. It's a one-man shop. He is not a Forum member and was unable to login with the account I set up on his behalf late Saturday, and he's buried with a bunch of business fires at the moment. The criticism is noted, but the general tone and observations I find baseless.

      We all know about the opulent wealth one can gain building mandolins and being an acoustic musician, but wait until you check out the bottom line of the turn-of-the-century mandolin print industry in the internet age.

      Truth of how these articles are born is that I have a nose for finding out about things like this before they're public. This is not even on Centerstream's web site yet. I wrote the article, asked Ron, the sole guy that runs Centerstream for a Table of Contents and full images. He complied, the community gets to read about something you'll read about nowhere else--I can pretty much guarantee that. I tend to think this is a good thing.

      He indicated it is not spiral bound. Had he been able to login he would have told you that himself.

      So now that this doesn't turn into more free business mentoring tips and tricks--appears there's enough of that in the Gibson CEO discussion--if you have further nits to pick with the publishing industry feel free to contact me privately.
    1. Bill Clements's Avatar
      Bill Clements -
      What's the big deal?
      Just go to Kinkos and get the book spiral bound.
    1. FredK's Avatar
      FredK -
      I've been contemplating picking up classical music for quite a while on the mandolin. It was never a thought while playing any of my other instruments. Thank you for posting this. It's going to be in my library soon.
    1. Jeff Hildreth's Avatar
      Jeff Hildreth -
      What's the big deal, just make the book with spiral binding. Make everyone happy, even those who don't care or buy books to put in the shelf rather than use them,, and that is where the spiral binding shines over any other method. It is useful.
    1. PaulBFree's Avatar
      PaulBFree -
      Just don’t buy the book if you’re that upset about the way it’s produced.I’m a newcomer here but I know a few things about the print/publish business. This is a one person company. And he’s found a way to stay in the business for decades. That, to use another old expression, is truly a labor of love. Now, if someone could advise on whether this or other book(s) would be a good entry point to for classical mandolin for someone like me..new to mandolin but not to classical (guitar) music?
    1. PaulBFree's Avatar
      PaulBFree -
      Didn’t notice this was an older thread. Sorr. Still would like some advice on the book’s contents, though.
    1. August Watters's Avatar
      August Watters -
      Quote Originally Posted by PaulBFree View Post
      Didnít notice this was an older thread. Sorr. Still would like some advice on the bookís contents, though.
      I like this book a lot, both the content the way it's presented: Straightforward and accessible. Lots of interesting photos and graphics to illustrate the early days of mandolin music in America, before mandolins became associated with bluegrass/old time styles. That's great, IMHO, since it points to new possibilities.