• Bach: Harpsichord Concertos Transcribed for Mandolin

    Bach: Harpsichord Concertos Transcribed for Mandolin

    Genoa, Italy — Dynamic, an Italian independent record label founded in 1978 specializing in classical music and opera, especially rarely performed works, has announced a July 27 release for Bach: Harpsichord Concertos Transcribed for Mandolin, by Davide Ferella.

    The recording is available as an MP3 download and in CD format on amazon for U.S. residents.

    On this album, Ferella has himself taken four of Bach's concertos for one and two harpsichords and arranged them for one and two mandolins, strings and basso continuo. Ferella handles these transcriptions with both deftness and respect for Bach's originals, sometimes assigning passages to the strings that were originally for the harpsichord, in order not to lose any of the rich contrapuntal texture of Bach's writing (Source: Presto Classical).

    Track Listing

    Concerto BWV 1052

    • Allegro
    • Adagio
    • Allegro

    Concerto BWV 1055

    • Allegro
    • Larghetto
    • Allegro ma non tanto

    Concerto BWV 1059

    • Allegro
    • Largo
    • Presto

    Concerto BWV 1060

    • Allegro
    • Adagio
    • Allegro

    About Davide Ferella

    Born in L'Aquila, Italy in 1992, Davide Ferella obtained his degree in mandolin performance from the Conservatory A. Casella of L'Aquila under the tutelage of M. Fabio Giudice. He was ranked first in the chamber music categories of the national competitions Urania and Marco DallAquila. He also won the special Piero Farulli prize. He has performed in numerous Italian festivals, and has collaborated with the Baroque Ensemble Luca Marenzio, Ensemble Ianua, and Virtuosi Italiani. On this, his new release, he presents a program of Johann Sebastian Bachs Concertos for Harpsichord, masterfully transcribed for mandolin. Ferella himself transcribed these pieces. He is joined by Profili Barocchi, the extraordinarily capable Italian Baroque ensemble.

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    1. LadysSolo's Avatar
      LadysSolo -
      I might have to try this - I have played them on Harpsichord, I wonder what they would be like on mandolin......
    1. August Watters's Avatar
      August Watters -
      Wow! For the record, Dorina Frati - playing mandolin 2 here - is one of the top mandolinist/teachers within the Italian conservatory system. This sounds like quite an achievement, can't wait to hear it.
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      Jairo Ramos Parra -
      Here is a fantastic sample

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      DavidKOS -
      Quote Originally Posted by Jairo Ramos Parra View Post
      Here is a fantastic sample


      Thanks for posting.