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    Basic Mandolin for Guitar Players

    Woodstock, N.Y. — Homespun has announced the release of their newest tutorial, Basic Mandolin for Guitar Players, by Adam Traum, available as an instant download.

    Guitarist Adam Traum, son of Homespun founder Happy Traum, casually picked up the mandolin to bring to jam sessions, since there are usually more than enough guitars to go around. From that start he gained a love and respect for the mandolinís widely expressive range, and he explores the instrument here from a guitar player's perspective.

    Although non-guitar pickers will also benefit from this beginner's lesson, Adam puts the mandolin in the context of the guitar throughout the course. It is designed to be a "jumpstart" for any player interested in getting into the mandolin.

    Adam starts out with simple first position chords in the key of G. He quickly advances to the bluegrass standard "Nine Pound Hammer," a staple of any bluegrass jam session. He adds fills, double-stops, tremolo and familiar bluegrass riffs, including a Bill Monroe-style descending run, and introduces closed chords for chopping and more rhythmic complexity.

    Adam also covers the keys of D, C, A, A minor and D minor, adding techniques and ideas along the way. The songs he builds your technique and understanding on are: "In The Pines," "Deep Ellum Blues," "Careless Love," "When the Saints Go Marching In," "You Canít Get the Stuff No More," "Will the Circle Be Unbroken," "Worried Man's Blues," "Jesus is on the Main Line" "and Wayfaring Stranger." This course concludes with "Shady Grove" in D minor, a great tune for any mandolin player to bring to a jam session.

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