• Second Single from David Benedict's The Golden Angle

    David Benedict - The Golden Angle

    Boston — David Benedict has announced the second single release from his new upcoming solo recording The Golden Angle, the track "Leaf by Niggle."

    About this track David shared with us: "The title is a nod to the great short story of the same title written by J.R.R Tolkien. When I first read this work, it really resonated with me how Niggle, the main character in the story, has a deep longing to be productive and to create beautiful art but keeps getting sidetracked by his own compulsions and distractions.

    "Niggle has a grandiose vision to paint a beautiful, glorious tree but spends so much time obsessing over the details of each individual leaf that his whole life passes him by before he is able to finish. It's not until he lets all of his anxious ambitions go, that he finally finds a satisfaction in the work itself and a hope for future fulfillment.

    "As I was composing this tune, I felt much like Niggle — banging my head against the wall, not being satisfied with the work, and worrying about originality. But when we went in to the studio to record this song, I felt that I was finally able to take a step back and just witness the whole thing come to life. I'm joined by Missy Raines (bass), Ross Martin (guitar), Stuart Duncan (fiddle), and Wes Corbett (banjo). Hope you enjoy it!"


    From the recording The Golden Angle, "Leaf By Niggle."


    Standard notation and tablature for "Leaf by Niggle." Transcription by David Benedict.

    Leaf by Niggle

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    1. AlanN's Avatar
      AlanN -
      Lovely textures, playing, feel.
    1. doubleR's Avatar
      doubleR -
      Really beautiful. And I love the Tolkien reference. A+
    1. Demetrius's Avatar
      Demetrius -
      It is gorgeous...
    1. Montananmrk's Avatar
      Montananmrk -
      Gorgeous David!
    1. Alfons's Avatar
      Alfons -
      Oh yeah.
    1. UsuallyPickin's Avatar
      UsuallyPickin -
      Technically superior. Got my toes tapping.
    1. Stompbox's Avatar
      Stompbox -
      Great, as always!