• New Music from David Benedict - The Golden Angle

    David Benedict - The Golden Angle

    Boston — David Benedict has announced the upcoming release of his new solo recording The Golden Angle.

    About the new recording David told us, "After moving to Boston in early 2017 to join Mile Twelve bluegrass band, I started working on a collection of new instrumental string-band compositions. At that time, I randomly came across this geometric principle called 'The Golden Angle,' and I became obsessed with the musical implications.

    "I'm actually not much of a math person, and I'm still trying to get my head around this principle, honestly! But to my understanding, the basic idea is related to the Fibonacci Sequence and is embodied beautifully by the whirling pattern of leaves or petals on a plant stem. That idea of symmetrical spiraling and natural inevitability started to become a common theme in the music I was writing at the time. Ultimately it became the seed for a full-length album.

    "December, 2017, I made the trip from Boston to Nashville to record the core of the album with a few of my favorite musicians. I was thrilled to work with bassist Missy Raines again, since my time playing in her band The New Hip. Was fortunate to also have Ross Martin on guitar, as well as Wes Corbett on banjo and the incredible Stuart Duncan on fiddle.

    "The whole project was produced by mandolinist Matt Flinner who helped bring the whole project together with his sound creative direction. This is the title track of that album. It feels like this tune exemplifies The Golden Angle idea with the cyclical harmony and the winding nature of the melody. Be on the lookout for more singles in the upcoming months as well as a full album release later this year!"

    An official release date complete with a list of tracks will be available later this summer.

    Track Credits

    • David Benedict - Mandolin
    • Missy Raines - Bass
    • Ross Martin - Guitar
    • Stuart Duncan - Fiddle
    • Wes Corbett - Banjo
    • Produced by Matt Flinner
    • Recorded Dec 11-13, 2017 at Rec Room Studio in Nashville, TN
    • Engineered and mixed by Ben Surratt
    • Mastered by Randy LeRoy at Tonal Park Mastering
    • Cover photo and design by Louise Bichan

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    The Golden Angle

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    1. AlanN's Avatar
      AlanN -
      Wow, David! Smooth, melodic, joyful. Can't wait to hear, obtain this release!
    1. Ian Young's Avatar
      Ian Young -
      Whelp...shouldn't have listened to this, now I want to listen to the whole thing and waiting is not one of my strengths!
    1. Derik Palmer's Avatar
      Derik Palmer -
      Oh ####. I think I'll sell my mando and take up stamp collecting instead...
    1. AMandolin's Avatar
      AMandolin -
      Outstanding as always!
    1. lukmanohnz's Avatar
      lukmanohnz -
      Extremely excited about this upcoming release!!
    1. Gary Leonard's Avatar
      Gary Leonard -
      David, I think in a year or two, the 'stash must be turned into a handle bar. Love the tune!
      Fantastic work. Beautiful blend of drive and point.
    1. Paul Statman's Avatar
      Paul Statman -
      Beautiful work from everyone, David, and great production, too! Looking forward hearing more of this.. Thanks!
    1. soliver's Avatar
      soliver -
      Very nice!