• New Music from Ethan Setiawan - Flux

    New Music from Ethan Setiawan - Flux

    Boston, Mass. — Ethan Setiawan has announced the release of his new recording entitled Flux for Friday, May 18.

    Flux is a collection of all original compositions except for "Metaphorical Door," composed by Sam Leslie, Avery Merritt, and Ethan Setiawan, and "Booth Shot Lincoln," traditional.

    In addition to Ethan on mandolin, the musicians on the recording include Julian Pinelli on violin, Sam Leslie on guitar, Jacob Warren on bass, with special guest Avery Merritt on violin.

    Track Listing

    • Tacks
    • Carrot Seed
    • Back & Forth
    • Arthur
    • FSU
    • Lamplight
    • Metaphorical Door
    • Beller
    • Literal Door
    • Booth Shot Lincoln
    • Untitled 12

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    1. DougC's Avatar
      DougC -
      There is Mp3 audio available on the "purchace from artist" link.

      Real nice playing that sounds like Dawg bluegrass to me. Great stuff! Worth a listen for sure.
    1. Paul Statman's Avatar
      Paul Statman -
      Hot, slick, and very tasty. Well worth a lick, er..listen.
    1. drooartz's Avatar
      drooartz -
      Spent the weekend listening to this. Very nice stuff -- it's earned a place in the regular rotation. Go get yourself a copy
    1. PhilGE's Avatar
      PhilGE -
      It’s really nice to hear how he’s artistically maturing. Really digging this.