• Andrew Collins Trio Releases Tongue & Groove

    Tongue & Groove

    Toronto, Canada — The Andrew Collins Trio has announced the release of a double project, two separate recordings, entitled Tongue and Groove.

    11 vocal cuts (tongues) to 11 instrumentals (grooves) create a seamless finish for their cleverly monikered and mandolin delicious double album entitled Tongue & Groove.

    About the new project Andrew Collins told us, "Following the release of our last album And It Was Good, which was a highly arranged/composed concept album, I really wanted to go back to our roots and create something more in keeping with my first solo albums. While I'm really proud of that album, it was a serious labor of love. Many late nights composing string arrangements on my computer in bed, rehearsals etc. We've always incorporated a few songs in each set of our live show and at the CD table, people are always asking us which albums has the vocals that we played, which gave me the idea to record an all vocal album that would draw from our wide ranging influences. However, as the recording date approached, I thought,"we are still known as an instrumental group, so why don't we just do an instrumental album while we're in the studio". Six months later, and after several hundred hours of composing, arranging, recording and mixing, I'm proud to be releasing this double album, Tongue & Groove. We hope you enjoy."

    A CD release party is scheduled for June 10 at the Lula Lounge, 1585 Dundas West, Toronto, Ontario. Advance reservations are recommended and tickets are on sale now.


    From Groove, Dawg Grass.

    Track Listing


    • Cello Song
    • I Drink Whiskey
    • Black Veil
    • Just A Gigolo
    • Coming Into Hard Time Blues
    • The Hat
    • Nothing About Us
    • Kink Midas In Reverse
    • I'll Be There
    • Katy Dear
    • Leaving's Not The Only Way To Go


    • Famous Last Words
    • Big Toaster
    • The Grumpus
    • Badabada Ba Ba
    • Goodbye Blue Sky/Ship In The Clouds
    • Lullaby For Len
    • The Long Dusty Road
    • Sunlight At Midnight
    • Poplar Bluff
    • Kentakaya Waltz
    • Dawg Grass

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    Andrew Collins Trio Releases Tongue & Groove