• Dawg Celebrates Ten Years of Giacomel Mandolins with Discount

    Corrado Giacomel and David GrismanSan Rafael, Calif. — To celebrate a decade of David Grisman's association with noted Italian luthier Corrado Giacomel, Dawg Productions is offering a $2,000 discount to all Mandolin Cafe citizens on any new Giacomel instrument.

    These unique, superb sounding mandolin family instruments are meticulously hand-crafted by Corrado Giacomel in his Genoa, Italy workshop.

    Simply mention the Mandolin Cafe to receive the discount when making your purchase.

    The latest Giacomel arrivals may be seen and heard at the Giacomel section of Dawgs Acoustic Disc web site.

    In addition to instruments available directly from David Grisman, the discount includes new Giacomels currently in stock at Carter Vintage Guitars, Gruhn Guitars and Elderly Instruments.

    This offer will last through the end of September 2018.

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    Giacomel Mandolin

    Giacomel Mandolin