• Pava A5 Pro Mandolin Giveaway Starts April 13

    Pava A5 Pro Mandolin Giveaway

    Austin, Texas — Pava Mandolins and the Mandolin Cafe are combining resources to give away a Pava A5 Pro Mandolin, the exact mandolin shown above.

    The retail value of the mandolin and case is $3,499.00.

    The giveaway will be open to all visitors to the Mandolin Cafe from all international locations and will commence from a link on the Mandolin Cafe home page April 13. One lucky winner will be selected at random and notified upon completion of the giveaway at 9:00 a.m. Central, April 23. No purchase is necessary to enter.


    • Double bound top and back
    • Bound fingerboard and peghead
    • Gotoh tuners
    • James Tailpiece engraved with Pava logo.
    • Compound radius 7.5" to 15"
    • 1-1/8" nut
    • Mother of pearl logo and fret markers
    • Iris inlay with Mother of pearl and abalone
    • Fiberglass Superior case

    Pava A5 Pro Reviewed by Peghead Nation


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    1. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
      Mandolin Cafe -
      Wanted to show the original of this photo. Tom Ellis has the coolest fence in Texas, hands down.

      Attachment 166543
    1. Charles E.'s Avatar
      Charles E. -
      Looking good! I can only hope to win this time.
    1. BLB's Avatar
      BLB -
      Good looking mando!
    1. apple's Avatar
      apple -
      A lovely looking and sounding instrument!
    1. yankees1's Avatar
      yankees1 -
      I will enter but I will be a no win ! I was in Lions Club for twelve years with 16 members and with two meetings per month we had a 50-50 drawing at each meeting and I never won even once ! I did win the selective service draft lottery drawing in December of 1969 though ! Vietnam bound as my reward !
    1. SlimJim's Avatar
      SlimJim -
      Quote Originally Posted by Mandolin Cafe View Post
      Wanted to show the original of this photo. Tom Ellis has the coolest fence in Texas, hands down.

      Attachment 166543
      Great Picture - that is actually the railing around his front porch - and it goes all the way around on his American Craftsman Cottage style home. It really looks cool in person.
    1. Mark Wilson's Avatar
      Mark Wilson -
      That's some seriously cool fence boards
    1. dang's Avatar
      dang -
      Another amazing giveaway, thanks MC!
    1. MikeZito's Avatar
      MikeZito -
      I have had my eye on a Pava ever since I saw this Molly Tuttle video.


      Thanks Pava and Mandolin Cafe!
    1. John Lloyd's Avatar
      John Lloyd -
      Lovely mandolin, and thanks for the opportunity!
    1. DougC's Avatar
      DougC -
      Tune that thing Dan. (You're on video).
    1. Michael Norton's Avatar
      Michael Norton -
      This may sound stupid but how do you enter the giveaway? Such a beautiful Pava!
    1. Trav'linmando's Avatar
      Trav'linmando -
      And in my favorite color. Oh my!!
    1. Bill Kammerzell's Avatar
      Bill Kammerzell -
      Quote Originally Posted by Michael Norton View Post
      This may sound stupid but how do you enter the giveaway? Such a beautiful Pava!
      Got to wait until April 13th Michael. The announcement will be on the Cafe front page. There will be a link. Very likely just enter with your email. That's the way it's been done in the past.
    1. MikeZito's Avatar
      MikeZito -
      Okay guys, here is the scoop:

      I just had an opportunity to play the exact Pava that is being given away - and it is garbage!

      Action is high, neck is warped, back has a huge seem split, binding is loose, tuning buttons began to crumble between my fingers, weighs about 6 pounds, sounds like it is stuffed with wet towels.

      So whatever you do, DO NOT enter this giveaway - I will volunteer to be the only one who registers and make sure that nobody else ever has to suffer with this beast of an instrument.

      Glad I could help.
    1. Tomando's Avatar
      Tomando -
      wow, good to know! thanks for the heads up. a great public service…!
    1. Mandoplumb's Avatar
      Mandoplumb -
      I think I'll enter too Mike shouldn't have to bear this alone.
    1. Kevin Stueve's Avatar
      Kevin Stueve -
      Oh wow, me want
    1. BroAnmol's Avatar
      BroAnmol -
      I can only wish to win such a great mandolin...that I may not be able to get any time in my life..
    1. KatherineFrazier's Avatar
      KatherineFrazier -