• ABBA Greatest Hits for Mandolin Tribute Released

    All-Star Instrumental ABBA Great Hits Mandolin Tribute Released

    Nashville, Tenn. — 7-Eleven and Circle K Convenience Stores have announced a partnership resulting in the release of All-Star Instrumental ABBA Greatest Hits Mandolin Tribute, available exclusively at convenience stores nation-wide.

    The Swedish pop group ABBA, formed in Stockholm in 1972 by Agnetha Fältskog, Björn Ulvaeus, Benny Andersson, and Anni-Frid Lyngstad derives the group's moniker from the first letter in each of their names.

    Contacted for reaction to the recording's release, veteran bluegrass mandolinist Mike Compton told us, "It's no secret in the bluegrass and old-time world that ABBA gets played late into the night on those long drives to the next gig. There's something about their vocals, the lyrics, the hooks, everything just lines up right. On top of it, the way they dressed is right up there with the best Jimmy Martin suits and hats."

    "Mike is 100% correct," said New York City based jazz mandolin and violinist Aaron Weinstein, contacted for his reaction. "The melodies are subtle and become ingrained in your soul. I am proud to say I've been deeply influenced by this 70s pop band that was formed long before I was born. Their famed recording 'Dancing Queen' which I've privately played for years will be the title track on an upcoming new album!"

    Veteran bluegrass mandolinist Ronnie McCoury told us, "We've all browsed those cassette tapes and CDs in convenience stores late at night while traveling to our next gig. I'm excited more than I could possibly convey that my name will be on this recording for posterity."

    "Their music is right up there will John Coltrane, The Beatles and Bill Monroe," said Brooklyn based mandolin and clarinet legend Andy Statman.

    For a limited time get a free extra-large Slurpee with your purchase of the recording. Offer ends April 8.

    Track Listing and Musicians

    • Dancing Queen - Rhonda Vincent
    • Summer Night City - Ronnie McCoury
    • Angeleyes - Sierra Hull
    • The Day Before You Came - Emory Lester
    • Eagle - Sam Bush
    • I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do - Tristan Scroggins
    • So Long - Andy Statman
    • Honey, Honey - Aaron Weinstein
    • The Visitors - Joe K. Walsh
    • Ring Ring - Mike Compton
    • When I Kissed the Teacher - David Benedict
    • The Way Old Friends Do - Wayne Benson & Alan Bibey

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    1. drkix's Avatar
      drkix -
      There is an actual ABBA museum in Stockholm. My Swedish friends asked if I would like to visit. I said, "Did I do something wrong?"
    1. Jack Roberts's Avatar
      Jack Roberts -
      I understand they were recorded with Antonio Tsai mandolins.
    1. Louise NM's Avatar
      Louise NM -
      Great outfits. All they need is the Mandolin Café logo on them somewhere.
    1. JamieJ's Avatar
      JamieJ -
      I could find no stores in Miami Fl. that carry this CD. So the distribution must be regional.
    1. Cheryl Watson's Avatar
      Cheryl Watson -
      I was saving up for another Blue Chip pick, but I think I'll just get two of these instead, one for me and one for a friend.
    1. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
      Mandolin Cafe -
      Ideas we tossed about for April 1 that got nixed... maybe for another day:

      - Tone-rite announces new products for instrument cases, picks and band buses
      - Aaron Weinstein's new Mel Bay book - Mandolin Chord Solo Melodies for Taylor Swift's Greatest Hits
      - Shake-up at Gibson Guitar has CEO Henry Juszkiewicz replaced by Toys' R Us CEO Dave Brandon
      - IBMA announces addition of new Instrumental Musician of the Year Awards for cajon and full drum set

      There were probably others.
    1. WoMando's Avatar
      WoMando -
      Personally, I think it is a great idea.
    1. MikeZito's Avatar
      MikeZito -
      Quote Originally Posted by Mandolin Cafe View Post
      I- Shake-up at Gibson Guitar has CEO Henry Juszkiewicz replaced by Toys' R Us CEO Dave Brandon
      Interesting concept . . . .

      How about a tabloid headline:

      "DNA evidence now proves that Leo Fender was Lloyd Loar's love child."
    1. taterbug's Avatar
      taterbug -
      Quote Originally Posted by jesserules View Post
      Good to see Mike has finally broken out of the overalls rut.
      Sam was already wearing the pants. Not sure about those platform pumps though...
    1. jimmy powells's Avatar
      jimmy powells -
      Don't know why they didn't do Fernando. Great Rhythm for mandolin and great harmony option. However, I'd love to get a copy.

    1. jimmy powells's Avatar
      jimmy powells -
      Didn't read this properly. Just noticed the date !!
    1. David Lewis's Avatar
      David Lewis -
      I would pay good money to hear Mike Compton do 'Ring Ring'.