• Guitar & Mandolin Camp North Line-Up Announced for April 13-15

    Guitar & Mandolin Camp North Line-Up Announced for April 13-15Cromwell, Conn. — Registration is open for the 2018 Guitar & Mandolin Camp North held April 13-15 in Charlton, Mass.

    Located on 500 lovely wooded acres on the shore of Prindle Pond in Charlton, Prindle Pond Conference Center offers clean, comfortable accommodations and ample space for classes, jams, concerts, and vendors. The Center is fully handicapped accessible.

    Skill Levels

    Guitar & Mandolin Camp North offers instruction across the entire spectrum of skills and experience campers bring to the table, from rank beginners to professionals. We make every effort to make sure that there is something going on for players of each level throughout the weekend.

    Descriptions of each skill level are provided on our web site. Please keep in mind that these are not absolute; there's a lot of overlap between levels. During registration on Friday afternoon, you may attend a find-your-level session where instructors help campers decide what level classes to attend. The list of classes and the schedule state the level of each class.

    Beginner Tracks and Levels

    Mandolin students can choose between two levels — Novice/Beginner and Beginner/Advancing Beginner — which give campers who are just starting on an instrument a "home at Camp," a place they can go where they know they will be working with an instructor dedicated to teaching at their level and in the company of other campers of similar skill and experience.

    Guitar instruction will have only one beginner track at the level of Advancing Beginner.

    About the camp, Phil Zimmerman, Director of Music Camps North to us, "In 2016 after the recent deaths of founder, Mike Holmes, and subsequent owner, Mike Kropp, it's apparent we need a more enduring organizational structure," he said. "In 2017 we changed to a 501(c)(3) non-profit status. This decision has helped assure the Camps thrive into the future."

    2018 Guitar and Mandolin Faculty

    • Don Stiernberg
    • Mike Compton
    • Frank Solivan
    • Russ Barenberg
    • Sharon Gilchrist
    • David Surette
    • Skip Gorman
    • Jim Hurst
    • Avril Smith
    • Michael Daves
    • Bennett Hammond
    • Betsy Rome
    • Bruce Stockwell
    • Dick Bowden
    • Glenn Nelson
    • Jim Richter
    • Kelly Stockwell
    • Laura Orshaw
    • Lincoln Meyers
    • Lorraine Hammond
    • Marshall Racowsky
    • Richie Brown
    • Tony Watt

    Additional Information

    Guitar and Mandolin Camp North

    Guitar and Mandolin Camp North

    Guitar and Mandolin Camp North
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      Mike Romkey -
      This looks fun! If only "North" meant Wisconsin or Minnesota!
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      Alfons -
      Illinois could be mid-north.
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      Yea, North East should be the name. And look at the roster of names for instructors! Wow. Lot's of talent there.
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      Illinois could be mid-north.
      That would be nice.