• Neil Gladd - Four Centuries of Solo Mandolin Music

    Neil Gladd - Four Centuries of Solo Mandolin Music

    Hyattsville, Md. — Musician and author Neil Gladd has announced the publication of his new book, Four Centuries of Solo Mandolin Music.

    This book is a collection of original classical compositions for solo mandolin, mostly written by mandolin soloists, from the 1760s to 2014. It includes only one piece each by the most famous two Italian mandolin composers, Carlo Munier and Raffaele Calace, and features primarily music that is not available elsewhere.

    The book is 151 pages containing 65 compositions, with one piece, at least, by many composers, but multiple pieces by the most famous performer/composers, such as Constantino Bertucci (1841-1931), Valentine Abt (1873-1942), Giuseppe Pettine (1874-1966), Stellario Cambria (1874-1938, Leopoldo Francia (1875-1918), Aubrey Stauffer (1876-1952), and Bernardo de Pace (1886-1966).

    The 21st century is represented by two pieces each by the editor, Neil Gladd (b. 1955), and Victor Kioulaphides (b. 1961). The youngest composer in the book, Ben Fuhrman (b. 1982), teaches Music Technology and Composition at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan. and has written many mandolin works, including a Concerto.

    All pieces are in standard notation, only, and though there are some easier pieces, most of them range from moderate to difficult. This is not a teaching book, but a collection of concert repertoire.

    About the new book, Neil Gladd told us, "Most of the earlier pieces are reprinted from the original editions, but only after spending hundreds of hours in Photoshop, to give players nice clean copies to work from. In some cases, obvious engraving mistakes have been corrected."

    The book is $65.00 and can be ordered directly from the author using PayPal at the link below, or by mail.

    Mail orders can be made by sending a check or Money Order payable to the author:

    Neil Gladd Publications
    P.O. Box 5861
    Hyattsville, MD 20782

    Include $3.50 for shipping within the U.S., or $6.50 to other countries.

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