• Mark Johnson & Emory Lester - Acoustic Milestones: 20 Years

    Mark Johnson & Emory Lester - Acoustic Milestones: 20 Years

    Mark Johnson and Emory Lester celebrate 20 years of original, unique and creatively string music with the release of their brand new project, Acoustic Milestones.

    Clawgrass/clawhammer banjoist Johnson and mandolinist/multi-instrumentalist Lester have created a new chapter in their widely-acclaimed Acoustic series of recordings with an album that embodies all the innovative and magical elements they've delivered over a 20-year partnership that includes 4 previous award-nominated albums.

    Acoustic Milestones merges elements of old time, bluegrass and new acoustic, bringing the duo into the present with an exciting new era of music they create.

    Track Listing

    • Crazy Creek
    • Misfortune's Child
    • Cheyenne
    • Home Sweet Home (Revisited)
    • Back up and Push
    • Wind in the Leaves
    • One Morning in May
    • Booth Shot Lincoln
    • Darcy Farrow
    • Temperance Reel


    From Acoustic Milestones: 20 Years, the track "Back Up And Push."

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      Phenomenal! Both amazing players on their own, together is a real treat!