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    Chris Thile's New Album, "Thanks for Listening"New York — Chris Thile's new album, Thanks for Listening, will be released on Nonesuch Records December 8, 2017.

    The album is a collection of songs originally written for performance on A Prairie Home Companion. Since becoming the American Public Media program's host, Thile has, each week, written one new (often topical) "Song of the Week" that gets its debut performance on that Saturday's live broadcast — with Thile, the house band, and some of his guest musicians.

    "Right now, with how easy it is to be the talker on social media, how hard it is to maintain focus or give something enough attention to appreciate it, we're in a place where listening is a precious commodity," says Thile. "Thanks for Listening is a celebration of people who haven't switched off, despite being given every reason to do so."

    For Thanks for Listening, Thile and producer Thomas Bartlett chose ten songs from nineteen possibilities and created new studio recordings of them, rather than merely documenting them as originally performed.

    Thile manned all the stringed instruments during the album sessions, save for bass and viola. The recording also includes guest vocal artists Sarah Jarosz, Gaby Moreno, and Aoife O'Donovan.

    Pre-orders of Thanks for Listening are available now and come with an instant download of the album track "Thank You, New York," the lyric video for which you can watch below.

    Track Listing

    • I Made This for You
    • Feedback Loop
    • Elephant in the Room
    • Douglas Fir
    • Thank You, New York
    • Stanley Ann
    • Modern Friendship
    • Falsetto
    • Balboa
    • Thanks for Listening

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    1. PJ Doland's Avatar
      PJ Doland -
      No Omahallelujah?
    1. Delaware's Avatar
      Delaware -
      Chris alternated between “whimsical “songs (of which Falsetto is an answer to complaints about) and gorgeous songs. This collection has both. I could have stood with losing Elephant in the Room and especially Feedback Loop and wished he put on the most gorgeous song of the season “The Mississippi Has Frozen”with Sarah Jarosz.
      I wonder if since Punch Brothers were the band that night if it won’t end up on an Punch Brothers album
    1. Mark Gunter's Avatar
      Mark Gunter -
      That studio version of Thank you, New York is honey for the soul