• Acoustic Oasis Releases 1997 David Grisman & Tony Rice Concert

    Dawg and 'T'

    San Rafael, Calif. — Acoustic Oasis has announced the release of Dawg and 'T', David Grisman and Tony Rice recorded live in concert October 11, 1997 at Acoustic Stage in Hickory, North Carolina.

    The appearance included tunes from the groundbreaking Tone Poems project with bluegrass and jazz classics and other Dawg originals. This might be the only duet recording of "Dawg's Rag", "Fanny Hill" or Tony Rice's "Devlin'."

    The recording, available exclusively from Acoustic Oasis can be purchased as CD or high definition download. Both musicians are at the peak of their musical powers for what is truly a stunning compilation.


    From Dawg and 'T', the track Ralph's Banjo Special."

    Track Listing

    Disc 1 (1st Set) - Total time: 53:31

    • Intro
    • Good Old Mountain Dew
    • Eighth Of January
    • Tone Poems Intro
    • I Don't Want Your Mandolins, Mister
    • Sambino
    • Watson Blues
    • Ralph's Banjo Special
    • I Am A Pilgrim
    • Swing '42
    • Wildwood Flower
    • Shenandoah
    • Opus 38

    Disc 2 (2nd Set) - Total time: 65:07

    • Intro
    • Antique Mandolin
    • Turn Of The Century
    • O'banion Intro
    • O'banion's Wake
    • Banks Of The Ohio
    • Dawg After Dark
    • Dawg's Rag
    • Mill Valley Waltz
    • Devlin'
    • Fiddle Tune Medley
    • Song For Two Pamelas
    • Fanny Hill
    • Dawg's Bull
    • O Solo Mio

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    1. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
      Mandolin Cafe -
      Have a copy of this and can attest the playing is smoking hot. Inspiring.
    1. colorado_al's Avatar
      colorado_al -
      Wow! I've heard this show from a recording from an audience member. It is a fantastic show! but the bootleg recording leaves a lot to be desired. The quality of this 2 disc set is so much better. I am definitely going to have to pick this up!
      Looking forward to it!
    1. Perry's Avatar
      Perry -
      I have watched this on YouTube and was totally blown away. Just ordered the CD because this truly a must have recording in my book. I miss Tony's playing and presence on the scene. These guys make it look effortless; the duo's sense of time is just superb.

      Thanks Dawg!
    1. Perilous Deep's Avatar
      Perilous Deep -
      Just ordered as well. I've watched the video too, and this performance is spectacular. Thanks for the tip, MC!
    1. Perry's Avatar
      Perry -
      two words: Dawg's Rag wow

      smokin' as is the rest of the show....listening to the Dawg reminds me why I wanted to learn mandolin in the first place. I could listen to Tony strum a G chord all day long.
    1. pmadison's Avatar
      pmadison -
      1st heard tone poems 8 years ago at Fort Bragg California in a women's shoe shop. Liked it so much I bought my wife 2 pairs of shoes.