• Acoustic Disc Releases The Book of the Dawg - Dawg Latin

    The Book of the Dawg, Dawg Latin

    San Rafael, Calif. — Acoustic Disc has announced the publication of Volume Four - The Book of the Dawg - Dawg Latin.

    Volume Four is a continuation of a series of books of music as played and recorded by mandolinist/composer David Grisman and includes previously published Volume One - Dawg Roots, Volume Two - Dawg Grass and Volume Three - Dawg Jazz.

    Volume Four contains 20 pieces in standard notation and mandolin tablature, descriptive text by the author, photos from the Dawg Archives and discographical information for each piece.


    • 16/16
    • Janice
    • Dawgmatism
    • Barkley's Bug
    • Sea Of Cortez
    • Caliente'
    • Brazilian Breeze
    • Tango For Django
    • Lil Samba
    • Gypsy Nights
    • Chili Dawg
    • Dawganova
    • April's Wedding Bossa
    • Cha Cha Chihuahua
    • The Argentine Trio
    • Vivace'
    • Le Grande Guignol
    • Tracy's Tune
    • Zambola
    • Newly Wedding

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    1. colorado_al's Avatar
      colorado_al -
      Super awesome!
      I bought the Dawg Jazz book last year and have been working my way through it. Fantastic stuff!
      Looking forward to playing some of these too! I already have some of them under my fingers, like Newly Wedding, Tracy's Tune and Dawgmatism. I was just listening to April's Wedding Bossa and The Argentine Trio to see which I should work on next. Nice!
    1. Teak's Avatar
      Teak -
    1. colorado_al's Avatar
      colorado_al -
      This showed up in the mail today!
      Just as the Dawg Jazz (and other volumes in the series, I presume), it is full of great info about how and when the songs were written, and with great photographs of the musicians or the songs' inspiration. The notation is very clear and readable and each tune has a paragraph about the arrangement on one of the recordings. Also, on each are a discography for the song to help you find different recorded versions. I already play 3 of these tunes, but having the chords and tab together are helping me to understand them more. I'm looking forward to getting more of them under my fingers! What a fantastic resource! Thanks Dawg and company!
    1. Teak's Avatar
      Teak -
      I got copies of Dawg Latin and Dawg Jazz last week. Awesome stuff! Dawg has done so much to expand the mandolin horizon that it was worth buying copies just for that reason alone.

      Even the story of how the tune '16/16' got its title was worth the price of admission. I surmised that the title came from my mistaken belief that Dawg was implying that there were 16 bars of constructed melody line followed by improvisation and then ending up with the original 16 bars of melody line. Kind of like this: 16 ....... 16. That wasn't the case.

      I will use these songs for my practice routines because they certainly push me out of my comfort zone.