• Chamber Music Workshop with Keith Harris October 20-23, Milwaukee

    Chamber Music Workshop with Keith Harris October 20-23, Milwaukee, Wisc.Milwaukee — Registration for a very special Chamber Music Workshop with Keith Harris to be held October 20-23 is now open.

    A highlight of last year's Classical Mandolin Society of America Convention in Philadelphia was the performance at the Open Mike of an ensemble conducted by Harris.

    The ensemble had just spent a workshop weekend, where the object of the musicians was simply to experience the pleasure of preparing a program of music under optimal conditions, under the guidance of one of the world's foremost authorities on plucked string instruments, who is also a masterful educator and internationally respected conductor — Keith Harris.

    The idea for the workshop originated with Internet students of Keith Harris, and they made up the core of the players. They were joined by other players of all plucked string instruments from various parts of North America, and even friends and sometime students of Keith Harris from Europe.

    The result was a uniquely enjoyable and intensive musical experience. Those lucky enough to take part in the event decided immediately that they wanted to hold it again this year, and an obvious time is again immediately before the CMSA Convention, this time in Milwaukee.

    This makes it easy for people to take part in both events if they want to the Keith Harris Workshop and also the CMSA Convention. Please bear in mind, though, that this workshop is private, not promoted by the CMSA, and not covered by CMSA registration fees. It is however designed to harmonize with CMSA Convention events.

    Keith regards it as a big advantage that many people will be basically familiar with the music from former CMSA Conventions. This will make it much easier to get started and get down to making beautiful music. The repertoire for the Milwaukee workshop will consist principally of compositions and arrangements by Keith himself. The music has been chosen not only because it has proven immensely popular, both with players and audiences, but especially because it naturally exemplifies many musical and technical aspects which Keith believes are worth examining.

    Contact Keith Harris directly to discuss how you could take part in this rare and attractive event.

    The Music Program

    Subject to change but at this time includes:

    • "Diamantina Suite" (Allegro, Andante, Allegro) Keith David Harris
    • "Three Miniatures" (Domra, Habanera, Pipelined) KDH
    • "The Last Spring" Edvard Grieg arr. KDH

    Participants are expected to conscientiously prepare prior to the workshop, and part of this invaluable offer is to work with Keith on the Internet before the event in Milwaukee.

    Additional Information

    Location: Quality Suites Milwaukee Airport, 4488 S. 27th Street, Milwaukee, WI, 53221, (414) 282-8800. The rooms are booked under "Mandolin Workshop," $89.00 per night, plus taxes.

    Workshop fee is $300 but does not include transportation, board and lodging.