• New Music from Billy Parker - Mandoclectic

    Billy Parker - Mandoclectic
    Phoenix area based mandolinist Billy Parker has announced the release of his new recording of mostly original instrumentals entitled Mandoclectic.

    13 tracks in all, the disc is a unique and exciting collection of original mandolin pieces spanning genres from old-timey to tango!

    Parker had this to say about his new recording: "This album is an anthology of musical ideas and experiences that I am pleased to share. Mandoclectic says it well and the pieces represent musical ideas I have been carrying around for the better part of my life and shared on this CD. You will hear, bluegrass, old-time, gypsy jazz, celtic, and other pieces I call 'Gravy.' This is a listener's CD and I hope you enjoy!"


    "The Fidget Hornpipe," the opening track on Mandoclectic.

    Track Listing

    • The Fidget Hornpipe
    • Dance of the Dark Moon
    • Dixon Town
    • Journey Waltz
    • I'm Walkin' the Dog
    • Silly Jilly
    • Fishin' in Montana
    • Tug O' War
    • Cymylau
    • Lullaby for Kelsey
    • Why You Been Gone so Long
    • Slip-Slidin'
    • Soul Mates

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