• The Charlie Derrington Interview

    Charlie Derrington InterviewFebruary 25, 1986 shortly after Bill Monroe was reunited with his July 9, 1923 Lloyd Loar signed Gibson F-5 mandolin (serial #73987) post-repair, photojournalist Scott Wright and Dave Higgs captured the following Charlie Derrington interview at the Gibson factory where the work on the mandolin was performed.

    As with other videos from the Scott Wright collection, this is the first public viewing and due to the important historical nature of the video it has been left intact as filmed that day.

    Lifelong bluegrass musicians and fans of Monroe's music, Higgs and Wright, both Denver based, were in Nashville to capture the events surrounding the return of Monroe's mandolin. Their efforts included over an hour of video.

    From the audio we know the interview was conducted shortly after the presentation of the mandolin.

    Of special note near the end of the video is work being performed on the second of Monroe's mandolins, serial #72214, dated February 26, 1923. Both instruments were vandalized November 13, 1985.

    While Monroe's July 9, 1923 mandolin is on display at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum (see our feature article from 2010 with an interview with Mick Buck, museum curatorial director), the second mandolin's whereabouts is not known to the general public.

    The Story of Monroe's Gouged Headstock

    Unrelated to the Derrington Interview, but of interest to the history sorrounding Bill Monroe's mandolin, the following audio segment is Monroe talking about acquiring his famous mandolin and subsequent relationship with Gibson over the years when the headplate was replaced. Thanks to Bruce Harvie and the Mandolin Archive for the audio.

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      If you're behind a corporate firewall it's probably blocked. Vimeo and Youtube are blocked on my network.
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      Quote Originally Posted by bluegrasser78 View Post
      I also heard it was stolen from Bill's son James?
      Not the rumor we heard. If it was stolen people would know and folks would be looking for it. Not the case.
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      That is what I heard, I don't remember who told me that but now I know it's out there hopefully being played!
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      I can recall an article in ( I think) a Frets magazine wherein Mr. Derrington had just received the iconic F5 for repair. There were plenty of good photographs It was also the 1st time I had seen Photoshop results. Bit of a joke I suppose. The mando was rebuilt step by step by morphing the repairs photographically until ....da da - there was Bill's F5 in pristine condition. I still have the magazine in my chaotic library somewhere. Can any of y'all out there in Mandoland remember this article? It might be worth giving it a rerun in this thread. Roger Siminoff might be the guy to contact, because if it was in a Frets publication, he was running that show at the time ( I think - don't hold me to that)
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      Noting the first anniversary of this one-of-a-kind interview that was never seen before its publication.