• Monroe Mandolin Camp Announces 2017 WO-Man Camp Scholarship Winner

    Monroe Mandolin Camp Inaugural WO-Man Camp Scholarship Winner AnnouncedNashville, Tenn. — Monroe Mandolin Camp is excited to announce the winner of its 2017 inaugural "Monroe WO-Man Camp Scholarship," Ms. Abbey Thomas, originally from the bottom of Cornwall, England, a university student in Plymouth, United Kingdom.

    "I can't wait to meet everybody and have the chance to play with all the amazing musicians you have there and I look forward to becoming a part of this community," Ms. Thomas said.

    "I'd just love to meet a group of musicians who are as passionate about the instrument as me. Playing the mandolin isn't the most common of hobbies but I find that every time a different mandolin player shows me something they like, I take away a tiny part of what makes their style their own.

    I'd love to keep adding to that, with the chance to take inspiration from the instructors and tutors you have this year. This brings me on to why I'd love to come to Monroe Mandolin Camp this year. I have friends who've been taught by Mike Compton and speak very highly of his playing, and having heard Skip Gorman play before, his strong Bill Monroe influence is something I would like to have more of in my own playing.

    Bluegrass is the only genre I feel so passionate about, listening and playing this music is when I really feel like I come to life. I love having the chance to geek out about music with other musicians!"

    Abbey was chosen from a competitive international applicant pool of female players interested in learning more about Bill Monroe's music at the Monroe Mandolin Camp. Applicants were scored based upon authenticity, execution, difficulty, and technique, along with a brief written essay.

    The esteemed panel of judges included Cindy Baucom (Knee Deep in Bluegrass), Kathy Kallick (Kathy Kallick Band), Julie La Bella (Artist and player with Monroe's band), Kathy Nichols (President of GLAMA and Cooper's Glen Festival), Lauren Price (The Price Sisters), Tammy Rogers (The Steeldrivers).

    The Monroe Mandolin Campô, a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit educational camp, was founded on four principles:

    1. to present a curriculum based upon the music of Bill Monroe and his influencers;
    2. To educate contemporary mandolin enthusiasts about stylistic elements particular to this traditional bluegrass music;
    3. To preserve the music that influenced, created and was recorded by Bill Monroe;
    4. To create a fun community of musicians and friends.

    Now in its 4th year, the Monroe Mandolin Camp specializes in the niche genre of traditional Bluegrass, as created by Bill Monroe and provides world-class instruction to an international community of Bill Monroe enthusiasts. Attendees from age 7 to 80; from as far away as New Zealand, Europe, Central America, Australia or as close as Nashville, Tenn.; from male or an ever expanding number of female participants; whether beginner or advanced player, there is a wealth of music, camaraderie, friendship and incredible memories made by all.

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    1. Niavlys's Avatar
      Niavlys -
      Congrats once again Abbey! I think it's well deserved. It was great meeting you and being your classroom neighbour during this Sore Fingers Easter Week, can't wait to see how your playing will have evolved next time our paths will cross