• Alex Heflin & Mike Gurrola - Hats Off

    Alex Heflin & Mike Gurrola - Hats Off

    Hats Off is the title of a new mandolin & upright bass duo album coming out May 5 from Los Angeles based mandolinist Alex Heflin and bassist Mike Gurrola.

    About the album Alex told us, "As a jazz musician, I have always been especially fascinated by duo and trio groups, as the amount of freedom each musician has increases as the group gets smaller. This record is certainly an exploration of that dynamic as well as a study in arranging for the two instruments.

    "We recorded the whole record in two days in Nolan Shaheed's studio in Pasadena, CA. Nolan is an incredible talent on his own, and it was amazing to spend a couple days learning from him. It was also an absolute honor to work Mike; his incredible sense of time and phrasing is the glue that holds the whole record together."

    Hats Off

    Listen to "Hats Off," the title track from the recording.


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