• V-PICKS Giveaway Starts April 24

    V-Picks Giveaway Starts April 24

    Nashville, Tenn. — V-PICKS and the Mandolin Cafe are combining efforts to give away sets of their picks with an estimated retail value of $77.00.

    Six lucky winners will be chosen at random and receive sets of picks mailed directly from V-PICKS headquarters in Nashville.

    The giveaway is open to all visitors to the Mandolin Cafe from all national and international locations. Only business associates of V-PICKS and the Mandolin Cafe may not enter. You do not need to be a member of the Mandolin Cafe Forum in order to enter and no purchase is necessary.

    Registration for a chance to win will commence from a link on the Mandolin Cafe home page April 24.

    Winning entries will be selected via random drawing on April 28 at 9:30 a.m. Central Time and contacted by email shortly thereafter.

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    1. Fergus Lester's Avatar
      Fergus Lester -
      I would love to win those
    1. Narayan Kersak's Avatar
      Narayan Kersak -
      Quote Originally Posted by Fergus Lester View Post
      I would love to win those
      V=picks are my favorite picks... above and beyond red bear, and other uber expensive picks and I've tried them all!
    1. hobotom's Avatar
      hobotom -
      Sounds great! Sign me up!
    1. George R. Lane's Avatar
      George R. Lane -
      You have to signup yourself.
    1. Ausdoerrt's Avatar
      Ausdoerrt -
      "Large Pointed" V-Pick is probably my favorite pick to date.